Total IK Population: 400,000 (estimated)

Although believed to be fewer overall than ogrun, the trollkin are a more common sight in human cities. The majority of trollkin live in eastern Cygnar, although a great number are also found in the ranks of Lord Toruk's armies in Cryx and the Scharde Islands. There are some found in the other kingdoms, but in substantially fewer numbers. They are rarest by far in the Protectorate of Menoth, which has little tolerance for races other than humanity. Like the gobbers and ogrun, the trollkin have had an uneasy relationship with humanity for most of recorded history, considered unthinking monsters until the last few centuries.

Trolls have long been one of the most pernicious and diverse breeds of monsters to plague the Iron Kingdoms, with a wide assortment of dangerous types. For many centuries the much more intelligent trollkin were lumped in with the rest of trollkind and killed whenever they were seen. Ironically it was the tribes of savage human barbarians which first made peaceful alliances with the trollkin bloodlines. It is believed a group of now extinct barbarians deep in Cygnar's Wyrmwall mountains were some of the first humans to negotiate trade and truces with gobbers, ogrun and trollkin, teaching these races the Molgur language which would soon become the dominant tongue among them, albeit with different dialects. Trollkin became a common sight fighting alongside barbarian invaders across the Iron Kingdoms, particularly out of the Wyrmwall mountains and the Scharde Islands. This unfortunately did little to endear them to the more civilized warlords.

With the waning and virtual extinction of the human barbarian tribes, the trollkin bloodlines outside of Cryx realized they were facing difficult times ahead. Consequently a number of far sighted trollkin made peaceful contact with the civilized human communities. During the last great barbarian attacks, the trollkin had extricated themselves from their former allies and some actually aided kingdom armies against the threat, therefore proving their willingness to integrate into the kingdoms. Since that time a number of trollkin communities have begun to thrive particularly in eastern Cygnar, and trollkin are a reasonably common sight in cities such as Corvis, Caspia, Fharin, and Mercir. There are also small pockets of trollkin tribes in the Scarsfell Forest of Khador, near Ohk. Trollkin have proven to be quite skilled laborers and have a particular knack for stonemasonry.

Trollkin face the most prejudice along the western seaboard of Ord and Cygnar, where the trollkin of the Scharde Islands are still considered a serious threat. The only port town where trollkin are a common sight is in Five Fingers, which harbors many smugglers and privateers from Cryx. Similarly there is strong anti-trollkin sentiment in most official kingdom navies.

Language Info: Trollkin may once have had their own language, but now speak a dialect of Molgur called "Molgur-Trul." Trollkin frequently learn Cygnaran or other human tongues depending on the kingdom of their birth. Trollkin on the Scharde Islands speak "Scharde Tongue," a dialect of Cygnaran used by the humans there.

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