Tidesebb (Five Fingers)

I'm no expert on tides, but I've heard they are most strongly affected by Calder, the largest of the three moons. The other two moons add tidal complications, and once a year all three line up to cause extreme tides that vacillate from extremely high to exceptionally low twice a day. For two days the waters are so unruly and levels change so radically that boating in the channels is all but impossible. At low tide there are extra sandbars and rocks, and the southernmost channel loses the bulk of its depth. There are certain lower caves and coves that open up at this time that you can't get to any other time of the year. It is called "Tidesebb," and it is an excuse for every sailor to spend two days gambling, drinking, carousing, and fighting.

It is similar to what happens whenever sailors go on shore leave, except for two days it's every single one of them all at once. It's a good idea to avoid all taverns on these days unless you enjoy bored, drunken sailors or want to get in a fight. The waters remain unsettled for a few days before and after and boat accidents are common. This coincides with the darkest nights of the year since all moons are new, something taken advantage of by disreputable types including thieves and cultists.

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