Thousand Cities Era & The Rise Of Morrow
c._1930_BR The Twins, Morrow and Thamar, are born.
c. 1900 BR The Twins, Morrow and Thamar, ascend after the march to Caspia. The Cult of Morrow begins to spread.
c. 1880 BR Menite priests initiate the Purging.
1866 BR Orellius I founds the Divinium in the Wyrmwall Mountains.
c. 1850 BR Rab Vinstra leads the Midar from Morrdh and establishes the Midar Kingdom.
c. 1690 BR Kossite, Skirov, and Khardic tribes battle for regional dominance.
c. 1670 BR Plague ravages Kossite and Skirov tribes. Khards seize Molga and rename it Khardov.
1612 BR Human clans unite establishing Thuria. Trollkin migrate northward.
c. 1500 BR The kingdom of Morrdh disintegrates due to causes unknown.
c. 1450 BR Khardov, the largest city of the north, begins exercising dominance over neighboring territories, primarily through force of arms.
1421 BR Sveynod Skelvoro declares himself first Emperor of Khard.
1415 BR Khard-Kos War begins.
1387 BR Toruk kills and consumes the athanc of the dragon Gaulvang.
1382 BR Kos surrenders to the Khards ending the Khard-Kos War.
1370 BR Several allied warlords establish the nation of Tordor.
1330 BR Horselords join the Khardic Empire.
1322 BR Tordoran Conquest of Thuria begins.
1313 BR Tordor annexes Thuria ending the Tordoran Conquest.
1277 BR Most Skirov chieftains renounce the Devourer, convert to Menoth, and pledge loyalty to the Khardic Empire.
1250 BR Primarch Lorichias is assassinated by Khorva, a Menite scrutator. Asc. Katrena appears and slays Khorva in a massive display of power; ascension of Sc. Khorva.
1141 BR Khardic Empire attacks Hellspass.
1118 BR Hellspass War ends with ogruns swearing an oath to Khardic governors.
1102 BR Umbrey declares itself an independent principality from the Khardic Empire.
1100 BR Voldu Grova writes the earliest records of alchemy and refers to crude liquid explosives.
1073 BR Kingdom of Rynyr is established.
c. 1000 BR Toruk is forced from the mainland by his brood and relocates to the Scharde Islands.
940 BR Printing press with moveable type is invented by Rector Janus Gilder.
840 BR The Divine Court leaves Ios in search of a means to return to the Veld.
838 BR Aeric discovers Nyssor in an icy chasm. Nyss settle in the far north.
822 BR The Long Sun, a prolonged drought, kills over one million Immorese natives.
821 BR The Horselord Wars begins between the Umbrean princes and the Khardic Empire.
743 BR Drago Salvoro creates the first steam engine.
716 BR Korska is conquered and the Umbrean princes swear fealty to the Khardic Empire ending the Horselord Wars.
714 BR Korska, dubbed Old Korska, is made the eastern capital of the Khardic Empire; Khardov remains the primary seat of power as the western capital.
712 BR Morrowans move the center of the church from the Divinium in the Wyrmwall Mountains to the newly founded Sancteum in Caspia.
c. 700 BR The dragon Halfaug begins terrorizing the far north.
664 BR Khardic Empire reaches its height.
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