The Twisted Blade Tavern

GM: After settling aboard the Redemption the four of you decide to go back to shore to enjoy your night drinking and reveling among the taverns on the Rivergrav North district. You find a pretty rowdy tavern known as the Twisted Blade run by a gruff looking older retired one eyed sailor dude and his crew. Amongst them are several very alluring females of mixed races, including a lovely dark skinned half elven woman. The patrons look like members of several different ship crews and some locals. The drink is flowing, lots of dancing/jeering at the woman and some gambling and other debauchery going on.

Anastasi: "Well this looks like a fun place to hang out."

Jack strides into the tavern, looking back at whomever looks closely at him. From there he walks over to the bar and orders a drink.

Anastasi will follow Jack to the bar an order a drink as well "We should stay close.”

GM: A couple of the drunk and rowdy patrons watch the three of you enter, a few make comments towards the ladies as Jack sits at the bar. The one eyed bartender says, "What'll it be?"

Meyna goes to the bar with the other two and orders an ale.

Anastasi: "What’s the special?"

Jack points to a bottle of rum behind the bartender, motioning for two shots of it.

Bartender smiles, "I have a fine local beer lass, and it'll make you want to dance. Are you up for dancing?”

Anastasi: "Always, let me get one of those." Ana smiles.

Bartender: "Ah, good ole rum it is then sir, and an ale for the other lady, along with the beer will be 3 gold pieces." He begins pouring glasses and filling a beer mug from tap.

Jack nods, reaching down into his pocket and takes out the coins, depositing them on the bar. "On me."

Meyna: "You sure?"

Bartender hands out the shots to Jack, the mug of beer to Ana and the mug of ale to Meyna.

Anastasi: "Well thank you Jack, your a gentleman and scholar."

Bartender collects the coins.

Jack gives Ana a half salute, then quickly downs one of the two shots.

Meyna: "Thanks, Jack." Meyna takes a sip of her ale.

Anastasi takes a hardy drink of the beer.

GM: The ale and rum taste pretty good, they're of similar quality to the liquor you had before. The beer is a dark lager and very tasty. Has a rich aroma.

Meyna nods approvingly to the bartender. "Good ale."

Anastasi: "mmmmmm, this is great."

Jack quickly and quietly downs the second shot.

Anastasi: "what’s this called?"

Bartender pours a refill for Jack and smiles, "I'm glad you like it, only the best at the Twisted Blade!"

GM: At that, all the patrons raise their drinks or their empty drinks and say, "To the Blade!"

Anastasi will follow suit after seeing the others do so. "To the Blade!"

Meyna raises her glass, joining in the toast, then takes a big sip of her ale.

Jack raises the glass, then throws it back.

Bartender: "Ah, the beer lass?" He smiles, watching Ana and admiring her curves pretty obviously.

Anastasi: "Yes the beer, what’s this called?"

Bartender: "Ah, the beer is a fine local brew, known as Chasers Dark."

Bartender: "Thank you for you patronage. Are you three new in port? I don't recognize you."

Jack: "Yes. We are."

Bartender: "Found a ship?"

Meyna: "We have."

Anastasi: "Nah I'm from here, just not here, here."

Bartender: "Really, where you from m'lady?" ((asking Ana))

Anastasi: "Captains Isle."

Bartender: "Nobleman's daughter are ye?"

Anastasi: "Nope."

Bartender: "Ah, then my chances of living are much better." He laughs.

Anastasi: "Grew up pretty much on a ship."

Bartender: "Oh is that so? Father a captain?"

Anastasi: "Yes, but he went missing over a year ago. I'm looking for him."

Meyna continues drinking her ale, listening to Ana and the bartender.

Bartender: "I'm sorry to hear that, many a fine ship has not returned to port in this dreadful war. What was his name lass?"

Anastasi: "Dego Belcari?"

Bartender taps his jaw, "Dego Belcari? Hmmm, sounds familiar, know many a captain. Did he sail a warship or merchant ship?"

Anastasi: "Merchant."

Bartender: "Ah, a tall strong looking fellow? Carried two pistols and a fine sword?"

Anastasi: "Sounds like him."

Meyna thinks that could describe many captains.

Anastasi: "The Salted Lady is his ships name."

Bartender smiles at Meyna, "Aye, it could lass, but her eyes, I remember seeing her eyes, same color as her fathers I bet. Yes, I believe he spent some coin in my tavern a time or two."

Anastasi: "Could be."

Bartender leans over and whispers, "I think I have something that he left here for you. Is your name Ana?"

Anastasi eyes get wide "Yes it is."

Meyna watches curiously.

Bartender: "Come with me."

Anastasi: "Of course."

Bartender directs a younger fellow to take over.

Anastasi follows the bartender with here beer in hand.

Bartender walks to the backroom, motioning Ana behind the bar.

Anastasi: "You two can come if you like" Ana says to Jack and Meyna.

GM: The patrons all cheer, thinking he's a lucky one.

Anastasi: "Well provided its ok with him." Ana points to the bartender.

GM: The bartender grabs his saber off the wall even and hooks the sheath to his belt. The young man looks a lot like the bartender.. perhaps his son…

Jack moves to follow Ana, if possible.

Bartender: "If you like you may, just watch your step, someone spilt some beer or something." He grumbles about his doddling son and his mop work.

Anastasi: "We need weapons were we be going?"

Bartender unlocks a door with a key from his belt and opens it, directing the three of you in, if you all go. "No, but if I leave my saber, someone might be foolish enough to try to steal it."

Jack pats his coat.

Anastasi will enter.

Bartender: "My son isn't the best at bar fights." He laughs.

Anastasi chuckles "I see."

Meyna notices Jack get up to follow, and joins them.

Bartender: "And if I got to break it up, best to have steel." He smirks.

GM: He leads you into a storage room, with casks of ale and the like in here. There are a few wheels of cheese and such too on some shelves. He walks to a desk and unlocks a drawer, sliding it out and taking out a hidden compartment.

Anastasi stands in front of the desk waiting to see what was left for her with excitement.

Bartender takes a small box out of the hidden compartment and closes it all up. Hands the box to Ana.

Anastasi takes the box.

Bartender: "He said something about giving this to you should I ever see you in my tavern or find you looking for him."

Jack leans in, hoping to get a better look at the item.

Bartender: "I never thought I'd run into you from the way he mentioned it. My you are a lovely lady." Bartender smiles.

Anastasi looks at the box for a moment seeming to be remembering something then slowly opens it.

GM: The box has a small clasp, and it unlatches and opens, inside is a small scroll like parchment wrapped in a chain with a ring on the chain. The ring looks like your father's wedding band.

Anastasi begins to tremble. "It's his wedding ring."

Meyna: "Why would he leave it for you?"

Anastasi will carefully slide the ring from the scroll as if handling a priceless work of art "I don't know."

Jack: “Interesting.”

Anastasi will hold the ring tightly and open the scroll. "Maybe this will explain." She reads the scroll.

GM: Father's Letter ((hand written)): To my darling Ana, If you are given this letter, then you have my ring and the chain which it is set upon I am likely not alive anymore, but I could still be. This is a letter of mark giving you my portion of the treasure that I helped smuggle and hide more than a year ago after your mother passed away. I left this in hopes you and your brother might use it to survive as needed or risk trying to find me if you're so inclined. Realize, I worked with dangerous men and don't expect to live to spend this hard earned gold. I know you will do what is right and things will work out in the end. With all my love, D.B.

Anastasi drops the letter and starts to fall herself.

Bartender The one eyed old sailor/bartender speaks softly, offering to comfort Ana. "Now I see why he paid me so well to keep it safe. I never once opened it."

Jack goes to catch her as she stumbles.

Bartender catches her or tries too if her friends don't mind.

Anastasi: "This doesn't sound too promising that he is alive sadly."

Meyna: "Maybe he's still out there somewhere."

Jack: "Hopefully."

Bartender nods.

Anastasi regains her composure "Well if he is dead then I will find out who was at hand and deal with them myself." Ana gathers the note from the floor and her mug of beer from the desk and takes a drink.

Jack: "You will find your answers."

Anastasi looks at the one eyed bartender "Thank you so much for your help. What is your name by chance?"

Bartender smiles at Ana, "I am Gazo Masi, owner of the Twisted Blade. I was once a captain myself many years ago before I opened this here tavern."

Anastasi: "Well Gazo Masi, I remember those that help me well and those that cross me even more, and you have helped me, so I ask that you do not speak of this to anyone and I will in return remember this day."

Gazo Masi: "Of course I won't speak of it. I am loyal after all to your father, who paid me well to see this done. Gazo smiles, "Besides, I can hope to ask you to dance if I weren't a good man now would I?"

Anastasi nods "Aye" Ana smiles.

Gazo Masi relocks the desk and escorts everyone out and secures the room.

Jack: "Will you be alright, Ana? Perhaps another drink will steady you."

Gazo Masi nods, and refills Ana's beer. "Would any of you like something to eat or perhaps more drink? I do have a couple of rooms I will offer to only those worthy of them." Gazo smiles.

Anastasi: "There is one person however that you can share this information with, it is my brother Grigori. He has been away searching……"

Gazo Masi nods, "Yes, I recall your father mentioning him."

Anastasi: "If he returns to Five Fingers while I'm away let him know of this if he comes here as I did."

Gazo Masi: "I shall."

Anastasi: "Thank you. Oh yes sorry Jack, another drink would be good."

Meyna: "I'll try one of the beers."

Anastasi looks around when back in the bar for the two men who whistled and tried to touch her.

Gazo Masi gets a beer for Meyna and offers Jack a refill on his rum.

Jack cracks a smile at Ana. "That is good." He lifts up the rum and turns to her. "To your father."

Anastasi toasts Jack "To my Father."

Gazo Masi raises a beer and drinks it in the toast.

Meyna raises her glass. "To your father."

GM: Looks like a few of the patrons left to sleep off their drunken stupor. Others are having sex with the women or at least some of them on the tables or in the shadows. A few others are still gambling or drinking. Others are passed out.

Anastasi: "Jack, Meyna, please do not mention this to the Captain or crew just yet."

Meyna nods to Ana.

Jack: "Of course. Ana. Your secret is safe with me."

Anastasi turns to face the bar and whispers to Meyna and Jack "Two men by the door have been watching us."

Meyna: *whispers* "I noticed them looking at us."

Anastasi: "they tried to fondle me when we entered. Did you notice them Jack?"

Jack nods.

Anastasi: "Gazo you know those two guys by the door?"

Gazo Masi looks at them, "Aye, two of the crew from the Ravager."

Anastasi: "The Ravager eh…sounds like a tough ship."

Gazo Masi: "It is, she has a history of battle and raiding."

Anastasi: "Pirate perhaps?"

Jack: "Seems like it."

Gazo Masi: "Yes."

Meyna: "Probably best avoided, then."

Anastasi: "Aye, if avoidin' is an option. Good thing Xi'Tan isn't here."

Meyna smiles. "That could go very badly."

Gazo Masi: "Indeed, they're not inexperienced. Those two in particular are the first mate and his friend."

Meyna: "And both used to getting what they want?"

Jack: "Looking to start a fight you think?" Jack pats his coat.

Anastasi: "For their sake I hope not."

Gazo Masi: "That or just taking what they want. I'm surprised they've not enjoyed the entertainment I provided here tonight to keep the brawling down."

Anastasi: "Maybe the brawling is what they wanted."

Meyna: "Not by the way they were looking at us."

Gazo Masi: "I doubt that. They'd just shoot or stab instead of punch."

Anastasi: ""I see Gazo. Did they try to fondle you Meyna?"

Meyna: "No, but they were leering."

Anastasi: "Well you ready to protect us damsels Jack, if they try anything" Ana smiles at Jack.

Jack chuckles a bit, a grin pulling at his lips. "Always ready to defend the honor of a lady."

Anastasi: "Excellent."

Meyna smirks at Jack.

Jack: "It is getting late. Perhaps we should return to the vessel."

Anastasi: "Aye."

Meyna finishes her beer.

Gazo Masi: "Anything else?"

Meyna pays the bartender for the beer and stands to leave.

Anastasi: "Gazo before we leave, Did my Father say anything to you? anything at all?"

Gazo Masi smiles, "That he loved you with all his heart and that if I found you to give you the box. As for anything else I may remember something in the morning."

Jack: "I think that is enough for tonight."

Gazo Masi: "Did any of you wish to have a room?"

Anastasi: "Thank you Gazo, but we have a place to stay."

Meyna: "Could be nice to stay here for a night before heading back out to sea."

Gazo Masi nods, "Enjoy your night."

Anastasi finishes her beer.

Jack: "Thank you, sir."

Anastasi: "Perhaps Meyna, what you say Jack?"

Jack: "One last night on shore?" The man shrugs. "Why not. We'll have to be out early."

Meyna: "How much for a room?"

Gazo Masi: "Two gold for the three of you for one night."

Jack: "Reasonable."

Meyna: "Not bad."

Anastasi: "Do the two from the Ravager have rooms here?"

Gazo Masi: "No, no one uses those rooms unless I offer them, they're not normally for rent." Gazo smiles.

Anastasi: "Very good then."

Gazo Masi: "Most here will pass out in the room here or go find another place to pass out."

Anastasi: "Well lets do it then."

Jack: "Yes. Let's."

Gazo Masi smiles and opens a little box behind the bar and offers up the keys once he gets the gold.

Anastasi puts the money on the bar.

Gazo Masi: "Stairwell is back in the store room."

Anastasi: "I'll get this one."

Gazo Masi takes the coins, smiling at Ana. "Thank you m'lady, should you need anything just let me or my son know." Gazo unlocks the store room so you may go back if you like.

Anastasi: "I thank you again for your hospitality."

Gazo Masi: "Stairwell is past the desk and turn to the right, its a small stairwell up to the upper level. The rooms are the first 3 doors on the left."

Meyna: "Yes, thank you for making this an enjoyable evening."

Gazo Masi softly kisses Ana's hand, "My pleasure."

GM: The two men from the Ravager look upset seeing that.

Anastasi smiles "You are such a flirt."

Jack: "He has good reason to be, Miss."

Gazo Masi: "Well, I am attracted to you." Gazo blushes.

Anastasi blushes a bit.

Gazo Masi winks at her.

GM: He looks like late 30s, early 40s.. he does have a bit of a beard and an eye patch. He is Tordoran.

Gazo Masi hangs his saber back up as he goes about handing the bar, wiping it down, and putting the glasses from the three of you in a sink.

GM: His son is busy washing and mopping up some as more patrons finish passing out. Although, a few are still whorin' and the like.

Jack pulls an ornate pocket watch from his coat pocket, flips it open for a second, then places it back.

GM: Although, his son looks a little "mentally" challenged.

Anastasi: "I suppose we should retire the night. I have some thinking to do." Ana grabs a key and makes her way to the rooms.

Jack: "Aye…aye. That we do, Lass."

Meyna follows Ana to the rooms.

Gazo Masi nods, "Yes, you do, enjoy your night Ana and friends." Gazo escorts everyone back to the stairwell, then goes back to business.

Jack takes one of the keys and follows the ladies up the stairs.

Anastasi: "Oh, Gazo do you serve breakfast by chance?" Ana says before going upstairs.

Gazo Masi grins, "I do for special guests and those that can wake up before high noon."

Anastasi: "Great! thanks."

Gazo Masi smiles, "My pleasure Ana."

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