The “Redemption”

GM: As you talk and walk following Andrea, you see the Rivergrav North district has many shipwrights and the like. There are many docks with ships anchored at them, including some big galleons and the like. There is also an assortment of taverns and inns, likely doing business with all the ship crews and the locals. There are a couple of mills, several shipwrights, and the like. A couple of shops selling boats. A bunch of taverns and inns scattered near the docks and further in. There is an assortment of ships docked.

Anastasi follows along with the others.

Xi'tan Dumar walks next to Meyna on the way. "You sure you're okay with this whole thing?"

Meyna Nathos: "Me?"

Xi'tan Dumar: "yes you, you look as young as my brother. Just making sure, I'd ask him too."

Jack Rafferty look strangely at Xi'tan. "She looks capable, sir."

Xi'tan Dumar glances at Jack and then away.

Meyna Nathos: "I've been at sea for a while now - I'm quite okay with this."

Xi'tan Dumar: "Okay, good" breaks a small smile.

Jack Rafferty: "See? Capable. I would doubt anyone ill-suited would be foolish enough to attempt such a voyage."

Anastasi: "Aye, but it does happen. Maybe more out of desperation than foolishness though."

Jack Rafferty: "It may. But such do not last long."

Anastasi: "Aye to that."

Jack Rafferty: "We all have our reasons."

Anastasi: "So what is your reason Jack? if I may be so bold?"

Jack Rafferty huffs out a breath like a bull. "My reasons are my own, Anastasi."

Anastasi: "Fair enough."

Jack Rafferty nods and looks back at Anastasi for a moment, shifting his long rifle uncomfortably.

Xi'tan Dumar hums a tune softly as he walks, looking over the different buildings.

Meyna Nathos continues walking next to Xi'tan, towards the harbor.

Jack Rafferty resettles his rifle, again shifting to pull his pipe back out, which he deftly lights and begins puffing away on.

Anastasi: "Something bothering you Jack?"

Jack Rafferty shakes his head, causing the smoke to billow in odd plumes. "No. I am fine. Merely…eager…to continue."

Anastasi nods "Agreed."

Xi'tan Dumar: "It will be nice to smell the breeze and wash come off the sea."

Jack Rafferty: "It will be good to get away from here" Jack mumbles quietly under his breath.

Meyna Nathos nods. "There's always something nice about being at sea."

Anastasi: "Freedom."

Andrea heads towards a twin masted vessel, which looks well cared for, there is a boarding plank down to the dock. She strides up it, her boots thumping upon the wood.

Anastasi will follow Andrea across the plank.

Meyna Nathos looks over the ship as they board.

GM: The Redemption looks like an impressive ship, but some of you aren't sure what kind she is or anything. Perhaps the ale had something to do with your memory.

Jack Rafferty carefully inspects the ship, nodding contently at what he sees.

Andrea nods as everyone follows her aboard, she introduces you to the duty crew watching the ship. "I'll give formal introductions before we part, most of my crew is on shore leave."

Jack Rafferty: "Good." Jack says, peering up toward the Crow's Nest.

Andrea smirks at Jack, "That's for you."

Jack Rafferty nods at Andrea. "Aye Captain. I look forward to getting to know her."

Anastasi scans over the crew that are present.

GM: Several of the seadogs look at Ana and then at Meyna, their eyes blinking a couple of times. The 15 or so aboard the ship currently are either watching it, the hold or just cleaning deck, checking rigging etc. They appear to be a mixed lot of races, mostly human and pretty much all male, they're all in different states of dress, mostly bare chested with blade and a few have pistols. They look kind of piratey.

Xi'tan Dumar eyes over the crew, frowning at the sight of the piratey ones.

Jack Rafferty cracks another sinister looking grin, chuckling to himself as he eyes the other crew members.

GM: One of them, who looks a bit more "noble" in stance and is in cleaner looking clothes with a nice blade and pistol holstered on his hip says, "Captain, are these new crew?"

Andrea: "Ah, Jaspar! Yes, they are all new members, and yes, those two are females. How is my ship?"

Jaspar nods, "She is good captain, ready to sail once we load up, at your command always."

Andrea: "Jaspar is my first mate, he'll see you all to your quarters."

Anastasi nods.

Xi'tan Dumar: "Xi'tan Dumar, pleasure to meet you Jaspar." He extends a hand to shake.

Jaspar: "A pleasure indeed, welcome aboard."

Jack Rafferty raises a lone eyebrow at Xi'tan. "Eager, aren't we" He whispers to himself.

Meyna Nathos: "Good to meet you, Jasper. Meyna Nathos." She offers her hand as well.

Jaspar: "A pleasure to meet you Meyna, welcome aboard."

Jack Rafferty steps up. "Jack Rafferty" He says with a nod, and a outstretched hand.

Jaspar nods and shakes Jack's hand, "Ah, nice rifle, you going to take the lookout up top then?"

Jack Rafferty: "Aye. I am"

Jaspar smiles broadly.

Anastasi: "I'm Anastasi, my friends call me Ana."

Jaspar shakes Ana's hand, "A pleasure Ana, I hope you will consider me your friend. I have a good place you two ladies can share."

Anastasi: "If we are to be an effective crew then yes I will consider you my friend."

Jaspar: "That's the spirit, I am glad to see my captain found good people this time around. Well then, if that's all, please follow me."

Jack Rafferty follows Jaspar.

Anastasi: "Very good." Ana follows.

Meyna Nathos follows Jasper.

Xi'tan Dumar follows.

Jaspar shows everyone how to get below decks on the fore and aft decks. Then shows the fellows some empty bunks and then leads the ladies back nearer to the holds and shows them a spot.

Jack Rafferty searches out an unoccupied bunk and tosses his gear onto it.

Xi'tan Dumar stows his gear away after finding a bunk.

Jack Rafferty checks left and right, then carefully opens up the small trunk, rifling through it quickly and then closes it, locking it tightly.

Anastasi: "What is this Jasper?"

Jaspar: "A little more privacy for you two, but if you like you can sleep with the boys a bit further up."

Meyna Nathos doesn't particularly care either way, but waits to see what Ana says.

Anastasi: "Yes I would prefer to be with the rest of the crew. I don't want the boys thinking that just because I'm a woman that I get special treatment."

Jaspar: "Fair enough, then we'll head back."

Anastasi: "Thank you."

Jaspar leads them back up towards the main crew quarters and lets them find an empty bunk.

Xi'tan Dumar grins at seeing the ladies walk back with their gear.

Meyna Nathos finds a bunk and begins stowing her gear.

Anastasi will find an empty bunk as well preferably close to Meyna.

Xi'tan Dumar: "Welcome back."

Jack Rafferty doffs his great cloak, which clanks audibly as it hits the ground. "Good to have you back" He says, quickly.

Anastasi smiles "It's good to be back."

Meyna Nathos: "You two know each other?"

Jaspar: "I'll get you on rotation with the crew in the next day or so, everyone gets watch duty and the like. Welcome aboard."

Meyna Nathos nods to Jaspar.

Xi'tan Dumar: "Thanks Jaspar."

Jaspar heads up to the deck.

Xi'tan Dumar eyes Jack a second then turns to the ladies.

Anastasi: "you ok with sleeping here with the rest of the crew Meyna?"

Meyna Nathos: "I was expecting it - that's how it usually is at sea."

Anastasi smiles "yea me too."

Meyna Nathos: "Not really that much room aboard most ships for that much privacy, anyway."

Jack Rafferty: "Unfortunately. No. So long as you're comfortable."

Anastasi: "Agreed." Ana whispers to Meyna "But we should still look out for each other just in case."

Meyna Nathos nods to Ana.

Xi'tan Dumar: "Well I'm off to check in with the Master at Arms and grab a nice spot on the forecastle to watch the stars come out."

Jack Rafferty nods. "I shall walk up with you. I want to speak to the Crow's Nest before I unpack."

Xi'tan Dumar after checking in with MoA (skip that for now) walks to the deck and finds a nice place on the forecastle. Then hops up on the railing and waits for the stars.

Jack Rafferty deftly follows up the stairs to the main deck, testing the ropes and the railings as he goes, whispering occasionally to himself.

Meyna Nathos finishes stowing her gear and also goes up on deck.

Anastasi locks up her backpack in the chest provided and goes topside to have a look around and get familiar with the ship and some of the crew.

Meyna Nathos wanders around on deck, seeing where everything is.

Jack Rafferty nods at Anastasi as she walks back up on deck.

Anastasi returns the greeting and walks over to Jack.

Jack Rafferty: "Good evening. How do you find the ship so far?"

Anastasi: "She looks good. But the real test will come when we set off."

Jack Rafferty: "Aye. All ships look good sitting in the dock"

Anastasi: "Aye, but she does appear to be sound sitting here."

Jack Rafferty tugs at some of the rigging. "But she feels like a fine vessel." Jack chuckles. "She's a Brigantine. Modified, though."

Xi'tan Dumar: "So what brings you here Meyna?"

Meyna Nathos: "One usually finds sailors at sea." Meyna smiles at him.

Xi'tan Dumar grins broadly.

Anastasi: "So you looking for any sailor or just one in particular?"

Xi'tan Dumar: "A man brings you out here? Are you looking for one in particular?"

Meyna Nathos laughs a bit. "That's not what I meant."

Jack Rafferty: "She meant that she is a sailor."

Meyna Nathos: "Good to see someone gets it." Meyna grins at Jack.

Anastasi laughs "Oh my mistake."

Jack Rafferty: "Fair weather."

Meyna Nathos: "I'd much rather be out here than back in a city somewhere."

Anastasi: "aye."

Jack Rafferty nods solemnly. "Aye. I agree with you on that."

Xi'tan Dumar looks away. "I see, well indeed you can get your fill out here."

Meyna Nathos smirks. "My fill of what?"

Anastasi: "So a brigantine you say Jack. How so is it modified?"

Meyna Nathos turns to Jack, interested in how the ship is modified.

Jack Rafferty: "Your fill and more, I would say." He rests his hand back on the rigging. "She'll be a little faster, a little stronger than the average of her type."

Meyna Nathos: "Faster's never a bad thing."

Anastasi: "Especially if your fleeing a pirate vessel, or are a pirate vessel."

Jack Rafferty: "No. It's not. She's a fine ship as she is, but I'd have to study her a bit more to pick up on all her little quirks."

Meyna Nathos: "I'm sure we'll get our chance to find out."

Jack Rafferty: "I have a feeling we shall. No doubt about that."

Xi'tan Dumar looks off at the horizon.

Anastasi: "Wonder what the cargo is that we'll be taking on that needs protection."

Meyna Nathos shrugs.

Anastasi: "Could be arms I suppose for the war effort."

Jack Rafferty: "Very well could be. If Captain Andrea needs skilled mercenaries to protect it."

Meyna Nathos: "If we need to know, the captain will tell us. If not, probably best that way."

Anastasi: "Aye, I suppose all we need to do is protect it regardless."

Meyna Nathos: "As long as we get paid."

Xi'tan Dumar: "As long as we're not running illegal goods I don't mind at all."

Jack Rafferty chuckles. "Have you not seen the crew? That itself could be a possibility. I could care less with what we're hauling. Nor even the pay."

Anastasi: "illegal for whom Xi'Tan?"

Xi'tan Dumar: "Illegal in general, drugs, etc."

Anastasi: "Ah I see."

Jack Rafferty shrugs. "Cargo is cargo."

Xi'tan Dumar: "It is possible and I'll have to deal with it, if the time comes."

Meyna Nathos: "And what will you do about it?"

Xi'tan Dumar: "As I said, piracy is a plague upon the world. I'd spend my life hunting them all down if I had my way."

Jack Rafferty: "You certainly are eager, Xi'tan."

Xi'tan Dumar: "Then I'll do what's right, Saint Doleth gives me strength in such a situation."

Anastasi: "What about say…Privateers, how do you feel about them Xi'Tan?"

Xi'tan Dumar: "Privateers are sanctioned by the state and must follow certain laws at sea. If they violate them they are persecuted just the same as pirates."

Jack Rafferty: "And if you end up the lone crusader on a ship full of pirates?"

Xi'tan Dumar: "Then I feel sorry for the ship full."

Anastasi chuckles "You are definitely confident."

Meyna Nathos: "That he is."

Jack Rafferty harrumphs.

Xi'tan Dumar grins. "A rash idealist my father calls me. I’ve had my confidence tested a time or two and bear the scars of my hubris in the defense of a lady no less.”

Jack Rafferty: "That is an attitude that can get you killed, especially at sea."

Xi'tan Dumar: "But I’ve won more than I lost, and I believe the Saint Doleth will carry me through."

Jack Rafferty: "Perhaps yes, perhaps no. The sea has its own luck."

Xi'tan Dumar: "Any attitude can get you killed at sea in the wrong circumstance, the difference is in I choose mine and to step forward into the light to fight off those who would prey upon the lesser."

Jack Rafferty chuckles again "How noble."

Anastasi: "Yes, very Honorable indeed."

Xi'tan Dumar: "As a tordoran it's my duty."

Jack Rafferty shrugs. "If you say so."

Xi'tan Dumar looks off again to the horizon. "The world is full of uncharted waters my father once said. All you can really ask for at sea is to see one more new horizon than they day before. I wonder how many we'll see."

Jack Rafferty: "Many for some. Few for others. We shall not know until we see them."

Anastasi becomes quiet and contemplates on Xi'Tans words.

Meyna Nathos: "Hopefully enough to make it back to port again somewhere. But who really knows how many days he'll see?"

Xi'tan Dumar looks over the group and smiles then looks back to the horizon.

Meyna Nathos: "So we might as well enjoy it out here while we can."

Anastasi: "Aye."

Jack Rafferty removes his hat, scratching the top of his mask with his free hand.

Xi'tan Dumar: "you know I usually make quite an effort to protect the ladies in my presence but something tells me you two are going to do just fine."

Anastasi: "Yes I can take care of myself. My father made sure of that."

Meyna Nathos grins at Xi'tan.

Jack Rafferty: "Quite the over zealous gentleman. From the looks of these two ladies, I bet they could do a better job protecting you."

Anastasi laughs.

Xi'tan Dumar chuckles.

Jack Rafferty readjusts the edges of his mask, and replaces his hat.

Xi'tan Dumar: "I think you'll find I'll hold my own quite well when the shooting starts. But I'll never say no to a good friend to fight back to back with."

Jack Rafferty: "No such need here. I shall be far away from any direct combat."

Anastasi looks to the crows nest. "Unless that thing comes crashing down." she grins.

Xi'tan Dumar: "A well placed shot to the mizzen will do just that."

Meyna Nathos: "Or they start shooting up there."

Jack Rafferty shrugs. "If the sea gods wish to take me, they can have me."

Xi'tan Dumar: ((Off to work take care all))

Anastasi: "I'll drink to that."

Jack Rafferty: "Until then. No target shall escape my eye."

Meyna Nathos: "Another drink would be nice."

Anastasi: "Well we haven't been given any orders to stay on the ship."

Jack Rafferty: "Aye. Indeed. We have not."

Anastasi: "Lots of taverns out there."

Jack Rafferty: "However, I shall bow out. Allow you ladies a chance to acquaint yourselves without my disagreeable presence."

Meyna Nathos: "You've been quite agreeable."

Anastasi: "Your not gay are you Jack? You have a chance to go out with two beautiful women and your going to pass it by."

Meyna Nathos laughs.

Jack Rafferty snickers, stepping back and doffing his hat in a sweeping bow. "When you put it like that, ladies, how could I refuse?"

Anastasi: "So lets get going."

Jack Rafferty nods. "After you, Madam" Jack motions to the ramp leading down to the dock.

Meyna Nathos heads back down to the dock.

Anastasi disembarks the ship and makes her way into the North Rivergrav district in search of a lively tavern.

Jack Rafferty follows the two ladies back to where they came, the small group searching for something to divert them. "It will feel good to set to sail again"

Meyna Nathos: "It will."

Anastasi: "Aye, but you know after some time out on the water we'll be yearning for the excitement of a lively tavern for some good food and fresh drink."

Meyna Nathos grins. "And then we'll be wanting to get to sea again."

Anastasi: "Exactly."

Jack Rafferty: "Aye. Quite so. Nothing like fresh rum and ale, and a group of people happy to be there. Until we run out of money, of course"

Meyna Nathos: "Nothing worse than running out of rum at sea."

Anastasi: "So, how does everyone feel about Xi’Tan? I have a feeling he may be in for a surprise."

Jack Rafferty snorts derisively. "He is eager. Overly so. About himself. About his mission, and about protecting you both.”

Meyna Nathos: "He will be in for a surprise. Hopefully he handles it well."

Anastasi: "Aye"

Jack Rafferty: "Aye. Most Definitely."

Meyna Nathos: "Eager is fine… but overconfident will get him killed."

Jack Rafferty: "He's like a newborn pup. Still thinking that confidence and bravado will win the day."

Anastasi: "I may be Tordoran like him, but I grew up here in Five Fingers and was never subject to the pompousness of the Tordoran culture."

Jack Rafferty nods.

Anastasi: "Thank the gods."

Jack Rafferty: "You are far more agreeable than he is, Anastasi."

Anastasi: "I wonder if he even realizes that the King himself frequents Five Fingers and partakes in some of the debauchery."

Jack Rafferty shakes his head. "If he realizes it…he probably forces himself to ignore it."

Meyna Nathos: "If he even knows about such things."

Jack Rafferty: "He's a crusader. Though…how do you two feel about illegal goods and piracy?"

Anastasi: "As long as the coin is good it doesn't bother me one way or the other."

Jack Rafferty nods. "Agreed."

Meyna Nathos: "The coin's good, while it lasts, but it often ends badly - so I hear."

Jack Rafferty: 'Nothing lasts forever. So you must take advantage of what you can, when you can."

Anastasi: "Exactly Jack."

Meyna Nathos: "We'll see what happens out there."

Jack Rafferty: "Aye. We will. My prospects for this trip have already improved."

Meyna Nathos: "Oh?"

Anastasi: "Yes, he is with us." Ana smiles.

Jack Rafferty gives a little grin. "Precisely."

Meyna Nathos smirks.

Jack Rafferty: "How could any complain."

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