The Quenched Whistle Tavern

GM: It's been a journey for some, an adventure for others, you've all arrived upon the islands known as Five Fingers, a mixture of scum and villainy in the seas around the continent of the Iron Kingdoms. Upon Chaser Island in the Central Chaser district you find yourselves. Crime isn't as rampant here, much of the island is well controlled by the High Captains and there are many markets and shops in the central district. Near the Whetted Blade shop is a tavern known as the Quenched Whistle. The Quenched Whistle is a small tavern, but looks very well kept, and the smell of ale and beer wafts out on the street. Also some scents of fine cooking as well. There are a mixture of locals and outsiders amongst the patrons inside.

Anastasi sighs as she looks south towards Captain's Island.

Jack Rafferty sits quietly in a booth to the side of the Tavern, nursing a large mug of frothy ale.

Meyna Nathos makes her way from her ship to the Quenched Whistle, looking for a good ale after several months at sea.

Anastasi also walks into the tavern after stepping off of the ship. Then makes her way directly to the bar and orders up a large ale. She then turns around and leans on the bar looking over the crowd to see what kind of trouble might be around.

Meyna Nathos hands a coin to the bartender as she receives her ale.

Darlise smiles at Meyna and nods, "Welcome to the Quenched Whistle, if you need anything else m'lady let me know. My name is Darlise."

Jack Rafferty takes a deep breath, smoke curling up around the brim of his hat, up into the rafters of the Tavern. He downs a portion of his ale.

Anastasi listens to the conversation at the bar without looking like she is listening.

Xi'tan Dumar: “I'll have an ale please, how have things been here as of late?”

Darlise smiles at Xi'tan, "Trade and business is good overall and yourself m'lord?” she fills a mug and slides it to Xi'tan.

Xi'tan Dumar: “Well, thank you, just getting back into the port. It's been sometime since I've seen it.” he slides 3sp back across the bar. “Any fresh attacks on the seas in the area?”

Jack Rafferty downs the rest of his ale in another big gulp, whipping a few specks of the liquid from his leather mask. He motions for a waitress to bring him another drink.

GM: A waitress comes by to refill Jack's mug, collecting coin from him.

Darlise smiles, taking the coins. "Lots of things happening all the time, the gangs and violence prevalent across the way on Bellows Island. As for attacks on the seas, I've not heard of any troubles except the usual thievery and pirating amongst the High Captains and or merchants."

Xi'tan Dumar nods. "Some things never do change, it's a blight. Piracy that is, driving up prices, hurts good merchants more than it does anyone."

Darlise: "Indeed it does m'lord. Are you looking for work?"

Meyna Nathos: "What have you heard?"

Jack Rafferty perks up a bit at the faint mention of work.

Xi'tan Dumar smiles. "That depends upon the work."

Anastasi’s ears perk up.

Jack Rafferty: "Thank you." Jack rumbles, taking the ale and inching forward in his seat to listen closer to the conversation at the bar.

Darlise: "There are several ship captains and the like here hiring hands and protection."

Anastasi takes a swig of her ale.

Darlise: "Of course there are other means to earn honest coin too."

Anastasi chuckles from under her mug.

Xi'tan Dumar: "Are any of the captains Tordoran?"

Darlise: "Yes, a couple are m'lord."

Xi'tan Dumar: "That you would recommend that is. If it helps honest seafarers, I'd be willing to lend a hand."

Darlise points a slender finger at two different tables, one has a tall slender woman wearing a greatcoat and sea gear with a broad hat and the other is a tall male also decked out in sea gear, cloak and hat. Both actually seem to be eyeing one another.

Xi'tan Dumar: "Who might they be? Looks like they know each other pretty well."

Anastasi nonchalantly looks in the direction that Darlise points.

Jack Rafferty also follows the finger, his eyes traveling to each of the two captains.

Darlise: "The lady is Captain Andrea Evora of the ship Redemption, the other is Captain Ranal Bateu of the ship Stormrider.”

Meyna Nathos glances over at the captains.

Darlise: "They do know one another, some say they are former lovers and now compete."

Jack Rafferty takes another great puff on his pipe, sending out another cloud of smoke.

Xi'tan Dumar: "Hmm well that's grand. Who would you choose?"

Darlise: "My brother, who owns the shop next door, has done much business with Ranal, but I personally like Andrea better."

Anastasi pipes up "I hear that the rumor is that the two used to be lovers." she goes back to her drink.

Darlise: "Yes, that is a rumor, which both of them have said is false, but I think its true."

Xi'tan Dumar: "Well much is said for a ladies prerogative, Andrea it is. Well Darlise you have been just lovely."

Darlise smiles, "Thank you m'lord, would you like more ale or something to eat perhaps? I do have a few rooms even if you need to rest."

Xi'tan Dumar reaches out to gesture for Darlise's hand.

Meyna Nathos: "So what kind of work have you heard about?" she finishes her ale and orders another.

Darlise refills Meyna's mug and offers her hand to Xi'tan.

Xi'tan Dumar kisses it softly and leaves 5sp on the bar "Hopefully the winds will be so kind as to bring me back here. Good Evening."

Darlise blushes at Xi'tan's gift and the kiss to her hand. "I'm honored m'lord.” she looks at Meyna “I suspect they would give more details of the jobs they're hiring for, what I do know is that it is certainly body guarding and protecting their cargo and the like for sure." she quickly sides the coin into a coffer, locking it. A pistol is tucked in her belt behind the bar.

Jack Rafferty hauls himself up out of his seat and strides toward the bar. "Pardon me" He intones. "I may need use of a room, and perhaps of this work you speak."

Darlise looks at Jack, "A room will be 5 sp a night m'lord."

Jack Rafferty: "Thank you."

Anastasi turns to face the bar again and finishes her ale. "Another one please" as she puts a silver galleon on the bar.

Darlise refills Ana's mug.

Anastasi: "Thanks."

Xi'tan Dumar walks over to Captain Andrea and says *IN HIGH TORDORAN* "Captain, may I have a word."

Andrea turns hearing Xi'tan approach, she looks at him from head to toe before responding. "Good day, yes, please sit down."

Anastasi gets her mug and follows Xi'Tan over to Captain Andrea.

Andrea looks at Ana as well, studying her.

Xi'tan Dumar: *BACK TO ORDIC* "Thank you, forgive me but I was wondering if you had some work?" he sits down.

Anastasi smiles and sits down. "Good day Captain.”

Andrea nods and says, “Good day. I have work for those not afraid of the sea."

Anastasi: "That would be me."

Xi'tan Dumar smiles "As a fellow Tordoran…the seas are in my blood."

Meyna Nathos hears talk of work, and also goes over to Andrea.

Andrea nods, "Good, so two, oh wait a third?" looks at Meyna.

Jack Rafferty steps up as well. "I would like to throw my hat into that as well, if you don't mind."

Andrea: "I see, so four of you wish to join my crew. Please tell me how you can benefit me and my ship?"

Anastasi: "I'm a skilled sailor and good with a cutlass and pistol. I grew up on the water with my father Dego and brother Grigori."

Andrea: "I see, you're a lovely lady to be hauling steel and powder, I would assume you can use those?"

Anastasi: "Aye I can, my father taught me."

Andrea grins, "The men of my crew might be very happy to eye someone other than myself."

Xi'tan Dumar: "My father is Dego Dumar, he sailed for many years on the seas. Some of his travels took him through here. I am his middle son, Xi'tan."

Andrea: "Two children of a man named Dego, how interesting."

Anastasi: "Perhaps you have heard of Captain Dego Belcari?"

Andrea nods, "I know of a Captain Dego."

Anastasi’s eyes light up "do you know where he might be?"

Andrea looks at Ana, "The only news I have is mostly rumor and story, about him going down with his ship looking for the hidden treasures of the long lost inhabitants of these islands."

Anastasi looks a bit excited and begins to tremble slightly. "how long ago? I must be sure."

Andrea: "About five or six years I believe, it has circled the islands many times, probably has grown a sail of its own even."

Anastasi: "I see." Ana seems to calm down a bit and the trembling subsides.

Andrea looks over Meyna, "How much of the sea have you seen little one?"

Meyna Nathos: "I've been at sea for two years. I know my way around a ship."

Andrea nods towards Meyna, "Good, another lass for my boys to drool over, this ought to be interesting.”

Xi'tan Dumar: "Yes so…what type of business do you do Captain?"

Andrea: “Good to see you all have blades and pistols or at least some form of arms, as you will be protecting my ship and all the cargo aboard it."

Xi'tan Dumar: "Cargo transporting it seems."

Jack Rafferty nods quietly from the back of the group. "Sounds simple enough."

Anastasi glances over to the other Captain to see what his reaction might be seeing us all here talking to Andrea.

GM: The other captain is watching the group talk with Andrea. He appears to be finishing a meal.

Anastasi: "What be our destination Captain?"

Andrea: "I'm expecting to take on a cargo here and will be transporting some of it to Bull's Island and the Main Island."

Jack Rafferty: "What's the pay…and how long will we be away?"

Andrea: "The pay is 2 sp a day, room and board aboard the ship in return for your service with the ship and protecting it and its cargo." she looks at Jack, "Are you looking for short term work or intending to stay long term?"

Jack Rafferty: "Long term. The longer the better."

Andrea: "Good, then I may have other uses for you. I do travel around all the islands and to the mainland."

Jack Rafferty nods. "Fair weather. You'll never find a better eye or a finer shot, with me."

Andrea smiles at Jack, "Got good eyes do you?"

Jack Rafferty finally cracks a bit of a grin beneath his half-mask. "Aye. A human telescope."

Andrea: "Good, then you can be up in the crow's nest."

Jack Rafferty: "As I expected" He says with a nod.

Andrea: "Last one I hired, nearly cost me my ship, I have his ears tanned and tacked to my wall."

Anastasi: "Lovely."

Andrea: "It is." Andrea smiles.

Jack Rafferty nods, his face returning back to its stony visage.

Xi'tan Dumar: "I might be interested as well, let's see how the first job goes then we can talk about the long term."

Meyna Nathos: "How long are you expecting this job to last?"

Andrea: "Well I move cargo and the like so it'll last until I'm dead or my ship ends up under another captain."

Anastasi: "Do you do any river trade?"

Andrea smiles at Ana, "I do at times yes."

Anastasi nods.

Xi'tan Dumar: "Do we have access to your powder stores for ammunition replenishment?"

Andrea: "Only while protecting my ship and its cargo, they're not free stores for your personal business off ship."

Xi'tan Dumar: "That's fine."

Andrea: "If you'd like to buy some powder from me, I will give you a reasonable discount for being part of my crew after you've proved yourselves."

Jack Rafferty: "Fair weather."

Andrea: "Strong steel." Andrea smiles.

Anastasi: "Speaking of your ship…what kind of ship is it and do you have cannons aboard?"

Andrea: "Aye, she is armed and swift and agile."

Jack Rafferty: "Good."

Anastasi: "Excellent."

Xi'tan Dumar: "What are the rules for prizes should we take any while at sea?"

Andrea: "I'm all for sharing equally with my crew, although, I have final say on everything as it is my ship."

Xi'tan Dumar: "Well I'm convinced, my gun is yours."

Meyna Nathos: "As am I, if you'll have me."

Jack Rafferty: "So with me, as well. I shall be there shortly with my affects. Ready to sale as soon as she is ready."

Anastasi: "fair enough, and what is her name by chance?"

Andrea: "The Redemption is docked at the Rivergrav North's docks."

Jack Rafferty: "When do we leave?"

Andrea: "We'll be leaving in 2 days, waiting on some products to be finished at the Whetted Blade next door as well as some items being brought here on another vessel to be loaded onto mine."

Meyna Nathos: "Perfect."

Andrea reaches into her greatcoat, takes out a scroll of papers and lays them out as well as a small ink vial and pen "Make your mark or sign them if you can write."

Anastasi looks over the papers.

Jack Rafferty leans over and takes a closer look at the papers.

GM: The scrolls are written in Ordic, contracts for service as personal mercenaries under her command for her ship the Redemption for as long as she desires or until you part under amicable terms or die in service.

Anastasi: "I cant read this. What does it say?" Ana looks at Andrea.

Andrea: "It's an agreement between me and you stating what I've said previously about paying you and you protecting my cargo and ship from harm and the like. Put your mark or sign the line at the bottom, you can if you wish mark it in blood."

Anastasi: "Very well then, thanks." Ana signs her name to it in Cygnaran.

Meyna Nathos reads over the scrolls, then signs her name at the bottom.

Jack Rafferty signs his name on one of the scrolls.

Xi'tan Dumar puts his seal on the paper and signs underneath it.

Andrea collects them as they're signed or marked by your personal seal, then smiles and tucks the scrolls in her cloak inner pocket. "Thank you, welcome to the Redemption." Then hands everyone a small pouch of coins.

Meyna Nathos tucks the coins into her pack.

Anastasi collects the pouch of coins.

Jack Rafferty picks up one of the small coin pouches, hefting it in his hand.

Andrea: "That is your first 2 days pay while you wait in port, in case you need to find food or shelter as I know not your current status of wealth." she grins.

Anastasi: "aye. Sounds like a celebration is in order." Ana flags down a barmaid.

GM: A comely barmaid comes over, "Yes m'lady?"

Anastasi: "A round of ale for all at this table please."

Barmaid: "Of course m'lady." she heads back to the bar and returns with five mugs of ale and cleans up the plate and mug Andrea had previously.

Andrea smiles at Ana and lifts her mug.

Meyna Nathos raises her glass to Andrea.

Anastasi raises her mug as well and formerly introduces herself to her new companions "I'm Anastasi Belcari, you can call me Ana if you wish."

Xi'tan Dumar glances over the ladies at the table and smiles. "Xi'tan Dumar, I look forward to our travels together."

Meyna Nathos: "Meyna Nathos."

Jack Rafferty: "Jack Rafferty."

Andrea: "A pleasure to meet you all."

Anastasi: "cheers" Ana drinks.

Andrea downs her mug in a long gulp.

Jack Rafferty lifts up his mug and quickly drains it, much like the captain.

Meyna Nathos downs her ale.

Andrea: "The ale here is much better than most of the islands."

Anastasi will follow suit as well on the downing of the ale.

Andrea grins watching the four of you down your ale, "Very good, impressive.."

Anastasi: "My father taught me that too."

Andrea grins at Ana, "I'll have to ask you about what else he taught you at some point."

Xi'tan Dumar eyes open wide at the captain's comment to Ana

Jack Rafferty: "Gets me through the day."

Andrea: "I see."

Meyna Nathos: "Good ale here."

Xi'tan Dumar just can't stop grinning.

Andrea: "Drinking is fine as long as it doesn't impede your duties aboard ship, save the ale and rum for land or when you're not on duty." she grins.

Xi'tan Dumar: "Aye, Captain." Mouths “FIESTY"

Andrea looks at Xi'tan, "Something you want to say?"

Andrea: "I am taking some of their ale and mead aboard too, to replenish supplies. Do any of you cook by chance?"

Jack Rafferty shakes his head no.

Anastasi: "Alas I do not cook, that is one area that my father could not teach."

Meyna Nathos: "Only when I have to."

Xi'tan Dumar: "Not good in that area either."

Anastasi: "Do you not have a cook amongst your crew?"

Andrea: "That's fine, I do have a decent cook finally aboard, but wanted to know if my luck was holding out finding a better one." Never less, it is good to see that the gods brought me two fine ladies, even if one is young. Of course you realize you will be sharing space with males, some of whom aren't all that pretty to see without clothes on."

Anastasi: "I'm used to it."

Andrea: "Good, I would think you would be."

Meyna Nathos: "Nothing I haven't seen before."

Jack Rafferty rolls his eyes at the comments.

Xi'tan Dumar slight grin.

Andrea: "Good, then there shouldn't be any issues concerning that."

Anastasi: "As I said, I grew up on my fathers ship after my mother died."

Andrea nods, "I did too Ana, so I know it well."

Anastasi: "One issue however….do you have any place to secure valuables in the crew area?"

Andrea: "You will have access to a small personal trunk or locker, so yes you can store your personals there. Just don't lose your key."

Anastasi: "Or better yet….are you strict about thievery amongst crewmembers?"

Andrea: "Oh thievery amongst my crew has dire consequences, yes, I don't abide it one bit."

Jack Rafferty's expression sours. "There had better be, I hate to say.

Andrea: "Lost a few members last voyage, partially why I'm hiring."

Anastasi: "Very good Captain Andrea."

Meyna Nathos: "Good to hear."

Jack Rafferty: "May we bring our effects to the ship now, or should we wait until the day she sails?"

Andrea: "If you wish to go aboard you may, I'm headed back for a bit myself, to store these contracts and the like. If you have what you need, you may come with me."

Jack Rafferty: "Good. I would acclimate myself to the ship as soon as possible." He nods again.

Anastasi: "I have all my worldly possessions with me."

Jack Rafferty looks back over to the table. "I would only need a moment to collect my possessions."

Andrea nods, gets up, tossing a few coins on the table and says, "Then come with me."

Xi'tan Dumar shifts his holster, walks upstairs. Returns moments later with a small pack and a rapier in place opposite the pistol and a bandolier slung across his chest.

Meyna Nathos adjusts her pack and stands, waiting to follow the others.

Anastasi gets up and grabs her pack ready to follow.

Jack Rafferty nods. He strolls back to the table, hauling out a small trunk, and a long, impressive rifle, which he slings over his shoulder. "You lead. I follow" He says, motioning to the door.

Andrea adjusts her cloak and dusts off any crumbs as she walks to the door, the sound of her cutlass thumping against her cloak as her booted feet hit the floor.

Andrea walks out of the Quenched Whistle and down the road to the King's Channel Bridge, crossing over into the Rivergrav district.

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