The Nightmare Kingdom Of Cryx

Far to the west, in the pirate-infested coastal waters past the Broken Coast of western Cygnar, lie the Scharde Islands. Upon the largest isle lies the kingdom of Cryx. The jagged, foreboding coastline of Scharde hints at the realm's true nature– it is a land even more dark and treacherous than it appears. Its inhabitants are fell evil trollkin, beastly ogrun, evil Men, savage gobbers, and warped half-breeds. Dwarves and elves are all but unknown in Cryx, except perhaps as cowering slaves in the obsidian palaces of the wealthy, or as expensive livestock at the waterfront markets.

The inhabitants of the blighted land all live in fear under the shadow of their ruler, an ancient dragon named Toruk. The Lord of Wyrms, as he is known on the mainland, has utterly dominated his territory for centuries, and his privateers terrorize the western coasts of Cygnar and Ord. Toruk is believed to be the oldest dragon in the world– perhaps even the first dragon. He uses his immense size and power to stay personally involved in the politics of his realm, gleefully putting down would-be rebels or rabble-rousers with claws and fire. His royal court is held in a gigantic black stone palace, warmed by the heat of the wounded earth beneath. For now, King Toruk seems content to rule his remote island realm, but everyone fears the day he decides to expand his borders. It is whispered Toruk's ego knows no bounds and he forces his minions to worship him as a god, forbidding all other religions in the land of Cryx. The veracity of this claim troubles mainland religious leaders, for it is said his clerics do indeed have dark powers.

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