The Kingdom Of Ord

Something of a backwater territory, Ord has a long, rugged coastline, and many of its citizens live near the water's edge and make their living off the sea. It's a dangerous life, for the waters of the western seas are harsh, and pirates from the Scharde Islands are often close at hand. These conditions serve to breed the toughest, most skilled sailors anywhere, making Ord's Royal Navy a force to be reckoned with despite their somewhat antiquated ships.

The capital of Ord is the city of Merin, but the most famous place in the realm is the disreputable town of Five Fingers. Situated near the end of the Dragon's Tongue river, Five Fingers is a trade nexus and naval station. There can be found the roughest sailors of both the rivers and the seas. Sometimes even privateers in service of the Lord of Wyrms will hide their colors and come to port for supplies – or unwilling recruits. Another famous city of Ord is Midfast, which guards the northern border and has repulsed both barbarian hordes and Khadoran skirmishers in its bloody history.

The present ruler of Ord is King Baird II, a great loud bear of a man who is rumored to have lived a debauched youth and kept the friendship of many criminals and cutthroats. King Baird was third in line for the succession and had the crown thrust upon him after the unfortunate deaths of his older brothers. It is rumored King Baird secretly enjoys trips to Five Fingers, and that his true court is there rather than among the capital in Merin.

Ruler: King Baird Cathor II
Government Type: Monarchy
Capital: Merin
Ethnic Groups & Approx. Population: Tordoran (2,100,000), Thurian (700,000), Midlunder (100,000), Caspian (50,000), Goblin (40,000), Rhulfolk (23,000), Bogrin (20,000), Scharde (18,000), Ryn (16,000), Khard (12,000), Trollkin (12,000), Morridane (4,000), Umbrean (4,000), Kossite (3,000), Skirov (3,000), Iosan (500)
Languages: Ordic (Primary), Cygnaran, Khadoran, Five Cant (Cygnaran Dialect), Scharde Tongue (Cygnaran Dialect)
Climate: Maritime temperate; cool and rainy in the north, warmer and drier in the south though the summers are typically cool, moist, and consistently humid; overcast about half the time
Terrain: Rugged hills north of the Rohannor River, rolling plains, lowlands, and much marshland in the south and central; thick woodlands and peat bogs above the Dragon's Tongue River; sea cliffs on west coast
Natural Resources: Fish, deepwater ports, forests (mainly cork), amber, peat deposits, lignite, limestone, marble, some copper, coal, arable land
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