The Kingdom Of Llael

A kingdom with little natural resources, magical or technical skill, Llael manages to eke out an existence by exploiting its proximity to the Black River trade route, serving as an intermediary between Rhul and Cygnar. The realm has but one true blessing – ample deposits of coal, without which its economy would be truly crippled. The largest coal town in the realm is Leryn, scarcely a league from where the Black River crosses over into Rhul. Due to the importance of trade with the dwarves, Cygnar has officially allied with Llael and prevented this small kingdom from being gobbled up in border wars with Khador.

Despite being overshadowed by its neighbors, Llael is a proud kingdom with a rich history, including its crucial role in the rebellion against the Orgoth. Wizards and alchemists of Llael worked together with those of Cygnar to invent the first firearms and blasting powder. Pistols and rifles remain very popular in Llael today, many of which are treasured heirlooms passed from father to son and lovingly maintained. Dueling with pistols is a popular means to resolve disputes in Llael, and rumored to be a leading cause of death among the nobles.

The King of Llael is head of state in title only, and it is the Council of Nobles in the capital of Merywyn that sees to the day-to-day operation of the government. Llael has a torturously complex system of government, making the dwarven Moot look like a paragon of efficiency. Currently, Llael is actually without a regent; when the last king passed on, the line of ascension was a bit muddled, and the matter has been tied up in the courts for eight years. In the interim, the Council of Nobles has appointed a Prime Minister (Lord Deyar Glabryn IX), but it looks like a permanent position a little more every day.

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