The Kingdom Of Khador

This rustic realm is a sharp contrast to the more modern kingdoms of Cygnar and Llael. It is a large and harsh land with scattered resources, many of its expanses sparsely populated by a tough and grim people. Its citizens are simple folk, but they are intelligent, honorable and fiercely independent. Their ruler, Queen Ellyn Vanar XI comes from a long line of warriors, and can trace her lineage back to the first landed nobles that fought against the Orgoth invasion centuries ago. Not surprisingly, the Khador have a strong military tradition. Everyone trains in arms and tactics from almost the time they can walk, and every able-bodied citizen is considered to be in the military reserves. Even the Queen herself will take to the battlefield, fighting shoulder to shoulder with her soldiers. Despite a reputation for clinging to old ways, Khador has recently undertaken measures to modernize and strengthen itself. Wizardry is still uncommon among the Khadorans, but their arcane power has been growing in recent decades as they have implemented their own order of wizardry and also encouraged engineers to thrive in the capital.

In years gone by, Khador has had an aggressive, expansionist agenda. Centuries past have seen skirmishes with its neighbors, and Queen Vanar's ancestors have even annexed resource-rich land from Llael and Ord, under the pretense that the territory was rightfully theirs by the agreements of the Corvis Treaties. Khador may appear too interested in trade today to seize more territory, but Llael and Ord are still not eager to try and take back the lands they lost – despite their poor resources in magic and technology, Khadoran warriors are second to none, and any military action against them is bound to be expensive. Both neighboring kingdoms secretly fear Khador intends to conquer them entirely, should conditions arise where it could be done swiftly and without reprisal.

Khador has a long standing rivalry with Cygnar as the two most dominant kingdoms of the region. There are periodic bloody skirmishes between these two nations, particularly along their shared border. Other battles are sometimes fought by intermediaries such as hired mercenaries, although both governments usually deny responsibility for these hostile actions. Tensions continue to mount and some major armed struggle seems inevitable between King Leto and Queen Vanar. Such a war could plunge the entire region back into chaos and strife.

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