The Doomed Gods Of The Elves

The Doomed Gods of the Elves

The elves, once the world's dominant race, builders of the first civilization, are now concealing a terrible secret. Deep within the elven homeland of Ios, six great jeweled cities lie in ruins and decay. Only two of their great original cities remain: Iryss and the ancient capital, Shyrr. Cloistered away under the capital, below their most holy Fane, rests the weary form of the goddess of Spring… and she is dying. Scyrah, who helped give birth to elvenkind, beloved and last of the elven patrons, has no more than a century to live. Elven holy men know this with certainty, and believe nothing can prevent this fate. All of their other gods, around whom they built their magnificent cities, have vanished and never returned.

The cause of the gods' disappearance millennia ago is mysterious, but the effects have been profound. The formerly proud and powerful race has withdrawn into itself. The lands of Ios, once legendary for their beauty, now are shadowed and dying. The elves have become a race of orphans, adrift in fear and self-doubt. Their numbers are dwindling, and when the last goddess Scyrah finally passes on, no more Elf-children will be born at all. It is twilight for the elves, and there is no relief in sight.

The Elven Divine Court

Following are the names of all eight elven gods. Only Scyrah knows what happened to the others, and she has refused to answer all questions on the topic. All are presumed dead or incapacitated, although the Nyss (winter elves) have kept the secret of the fate of the god of winter, Nyssor.

Name Influence
Lacyr Narcissar of Ages, former ruler of the gods
Ossyris Incissar of Hours
Ayisla Nis-Arsyr of Night
Nyrro Arsyr of Day
Scyrah Formerly Nis-Issyr of Spring, now Regent Narcissar
Lurynsar Issyr of Summer
Lyliss Nis-Scyir of Autumn
Nyssor Scyir of Winter
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