The Bloodstone Marches

Although not a kingdom by any means, the Bloodstone Marches are a daunting and significant region adjacent to the Iron Kingdoms, one which has drawn recent attention by current events. Situated north of the Protectorate theocracy and east of Cygnar, this land is dry and harsh. Thin forests quickly give way to spires of reddish rock, baked earth, and blowing sand. The land is hostile and so seemingly worthless that little exploration has been done to date, and the few brave adventurers who have attempted to cross the desert have never come back. The common wisdom is that the Bloodstone Marches are an unbreakable barrier, and what lies beyond is surely not worth the price of the crossing. It is for this reason that little is known of eastern Immoren.

Very few live in this blasted and withered realm, although it is not as entirely uninhabited as most people believe. There are some few vicious Devourer worshiping barbarian tribes which dwell in the fringes of the Marches, along with some hardy adapted gobbers and trollkin. But their numbers are extremely sparse given the great open expanses. The nearest true settlement near the Bloodstone Marches is the small mining town of Ternon Crag. The Crag lies on the edge of the Marches, a few leagues from the Black River, and the hardy folk who live there make their living digging for coal or gold to ship it out to Cygnar and Llael. The Crag-folk know more than almost anyone about the Bloodstone Marches, but their advice boils down to this– stay out. Further to the south on the border of the Protectorate dwell some old nomadic Imer tribesmen who will offer similar advice to those who ask.

In actual fact, the merciless lands of the Bloodstone Marches are not empty at all, and there is more territory to the east than most in the Iron Kingdoms realize. Past the worst of the desolation is the home of a race previously unknown to the Iron Kingdoms– the skorne. The western kingdoms learn of this race in the events of the Witchfire Trilogy, as the skorne were convinced to ally with the exile Vinter Raelthorne IV in his obsession with conquering Cygnar and reclaiming his throne. By his charisma and determination Vinter was able to unite the warlike and vicious skorne with the promises of conquest and plunder, leading them in an attack upon Corvis as the start of a longer planned campaign to deliver Caspia into his hands. By the end of the Witchfire Trilogy, Cygnar is forced to face the reality that there is a new danger of unknown proportions lying in wait beyond the uncharted eastern wasteland.

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