Domains for Thamar's Clerics

Since the Men of the Iron Kingdoms have comparatively fewer gods than other game settings, there is more leeway within the clerical domains.

The Domains of Thamar: Death, Destruction, Evil, Luck, Magic, Trickery, War

Thamar is the principal deity, but the Ascended men and women are worshipped alongside them as patrons. Clerics which choose a Scion take one Domain from their patron, and the other from their god.

Scions of Thamar

The following lists all the current Scions which serve as Thamar's most powerful divine servants and serve as patrons for those who worship the goddess. Having a patron Scion is common both for evil clerics as well as superstitious criminals.

Name Patron of… Domain
Sc. Aidan Grave-Robbers, Treasure Seekers and Adventurers Earth
Sc. Bolis Gamblers, Smugglers & Evil Merchants Luck
Sc. Delesle Necromancy and Death Death
Sc. Drayce Thieves & Corrupt Leaders Trickery
Sc. Ekris Infernalists, Diviners and Tyrants Plant
Sc. Khorva Patron of Assassins, Murderers, Thugs and Enforcer Destruction
Sc. Lukas Madmen, Rapists & the Depraved Evil
Sc. Nivara Wizards & Sorcerers Magic
Sc. Roth Soldiers, Mercenaries and Bandits War
Sc. Stacia Evokers, Arson, Champion of Female Wizardry Fire

Cleric Weapon of Choice for Thamar: Morningstar or Dagger

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