The 14th of Goloven marks both the end of summer and the birth of the modern kingdoms with the signing of the Corvis Treatise. It is named for the Council of Ten and was instituted to celebrate the freedom gained by the Immorese following the Rebellion. Tenfest is marked by military parades showcasing uniformed soldiers and warjack battlegroups in the larger cities, and town guard and labor steamjacks in the smaller, with the 'jacks frequently decorated and marched through the streets behind celebrants dressed as fleeing Orgoth warriors. Some performers dress in heavily-armored costumes resembling Colossals and stomp about while dangling a horde of little marionettes - meant to be fleeing Orgoth - before them. It culminates with "shrine fighting," where groups assemble with sticks and attempt to destroy each other's portable Orgoth shrines while onlookers choose favorites and wagers are often made. Frequently, this celebration results in many injuries and some towns have tried to put a stop to shrine fighting, but it has all proven to be much too popular. Veterans and factory employees are especially diligent in observing this holiday, the latter using it mainly as an excuse to take a day's vacation from their jobs.

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