On the eve of the last day of Tempenfest, Calder has completely vanished from the sky, pale Artis still hides in the north, and only celestial Laris, red and full and menacing, casts the world in dim shadow. This is the Night of Laris, or now more commonly called Temptressfest - a popular variation on the title of the festival it follows. Participants frequently don masks and wear blood red outfits, women often wearing veils of dark lace or satin. Revelers prowl in shadows, tell bleak tales, drink dark spirits, have illicit meetings, keep trysts, and generally comport themselves like beasts. Coincidentally, this night is second only to the Dark Ascension for ill deeds to come about - Five Fingers especially has a problem with the annual tradition of setting things ablaze on this night - and Thamarites partake in the holiday while most well-meaning Morrowans tend to turn in early.

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