Summerfaires were originally an Ordic festival, representing the middle of summer, and the shortening of the days. Summerfaire is traditionally a week long celebration in Ord taking place either on the second or third week of Solesh depending on the community. The importance of the day can be traced back thousands of years to the kingdom of Thuria, and many stone circles and other ancient monuments in southern Ord and northern Cygnar are aligned to the sunrise on the summer solstice, or Midsummer. Summerfaires consist of games, races, markets, weddings, and communal activities of all kinds, and have grown in popularity since the second century After Rebellion, spreading throughout western Immoren, starting as early as Rowen in southern Cygnar and as late as Octesh in Khador and lasting anywhere from a few days to, in some communities, as long as a month. In Ord and Khador, the festival is especially connected to the potato harvest, and all manner of potato dishes are popular at this time. In Cygnar, corn and grains are the most popular foods.

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