Session 3

SCENE 1: Evening at the Blade | Summary: The party members settle into thier rooms and bed down for the night, enjoying the comfortable beds one last time before they set sail. During the night Anastasi has a horrible dream about her father. She sees him on a black sailed ship in a storm. He is hanging on for dear life and is drenched from head to toe. Moments later the ship breaks apart and is lost. Anastasi awakens drenched in sweat. She gets up and goes to her window to let in some fresh air and in the moonlight she sees a black sailed ship leaving the harbor. She cries out to the ship. Jack and Gazo are wakened by her cry and go to her room to investigate. Meyna remains asleep, perhaps due to the many ales she drank that evening. Once everything is determined to be alright they all go back to bed.

SCENE 2: Breakfast at the Blade | Summary: The party all awaken to a bright and wonderful day. They all gather thier belongings and go down stairs for breakfast. While eating they talk a bit about Anastasi's dream and of the treasure her father stashed away. After finishing thier meals they decide to get back to the "Redemption". While saying good by to Gazo, he slips Anastasi a strange key with a piece of eight set in the ring portion of the key.

SCENE 3: Back on the Redemption | Summary: The party arrive back at the "Redemption" to see it busling with activity as cargo is being loaded into the hold. They are greeted by Jaspar, who immediately sends them to thier posts as soon as they store thier gear. Jack notices a black sailed ship passing by out in the harbor shortly after getting to the crow's nest. He calls down to Anastasi that he sees the ship that she described to him from her dream. Jaspar takes notice of the comotion and brings Jack and Anastasi to see the Captain. Anastasi tells Andrea and Jaspar about her dream. Andrea explains the significance of a black sailed ship and seems interested in the events. With nothing further to be said Jack and Anastasi are dismissed and return to thier posts.

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