Session 2

SCENE 1: The Twisted Blade Tavern | Summary: The party, having decided that they would like to partake in more drinking and revelry decide to disembark the "Redemption" and find a tavern in the Rivergrav North district. They come to a lively place known as the "Twisted Blade" tavern. As they entered, a couple of men from the ship "Raveger" whistle and ogle at the the two women (Ana and Meyna) and eye the group the entire time. While at the bar they meet the owner "Gazo Masi" who serves them drinks. Ana discovers through conversation with Gazo that her father Dego had left a small box with a note and his wedding band on a chain for her in Gazo's care. Gazo takes the group to his office area and gives her the box and offers them rooms to stay the night. The party take Gazo up on this and spend the evening at the "Twisted Blade".

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