Session 1

SCENE 1: the Quenched Whistle Tavern | Summary: Individually and collectively the characters find themselves arriving on Chaser Island in the Central Chaser district of the port city of Five Fingers. They have all made their way to the "Quenched Whistle" tavern looking for good drink and another job. They talk with the bartender Darlise and find out from her that there are two ship captains currently looking to replenish their crew. They all make their way to the table of Captain Andrea Evora of the ship Redemption and after a bit of interviewing are hired by Andrea. After a round of drinks to celebrate, they all leave the tavern en-route to the Redemption to stow their gear and meet some of the crew.

SCENE 2: the Redemption | Summary: The newly formed party of adventurer's follow Andrea to the Rivergrav North docks of Chaser Island to get settled and stow their belongings on the merchant ship "Redemption". They are introduced to the First Mate Jaspar and he gets everyone settled with a bunk and familiarizes them with the ship. Once settled the group all meet above deck for some conversation and getting to know one another.

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