Scyrah's clerics have a gut-churning dilemma before them. Each time they channel their patron's power, they take a bit of her strength and hasten her demise – and the demise of their entire race. At the same time, it is their duty as holy men to help those in need, and they know that elven society must be strong and faithful if Scyrah is to have any chance of survival. They agonize over each spell cast, trying to evaluate where the greater good lies. The priesthood has become fragmented in the last two centuries into three distinct sects, a reflection of the desperation of the elven people. The traditional Fane of Scyrah attends to the goddess in her last days, and encourages the elves to stay isolated and secretive. The radical and militant Retribution of Scyrah believes the vanishing of the gods and Scyrah's illness are a result of an attack upon them and wish to strike back against perceived enemies. Most hopeful is the somewhat naive Seekers sect, who think all is not yet lost and a solution to their doom awaits them if they look hard enough for it, perhaps with help from the other races.

Domains for Scyrah's Clerics

Scyrah is a chaotic good deity. Each of the major sects portrays Scyrah slightly differently, and picks from different domains.

The Fane of Scyrah choose the Domains of Animal, Earth, Healing, Plant and Protection.

Retribution of Scyrah clerics choose from the Domains of Chaos, War, and Healing.

Seeker clerics may choose from the Domains of Good, Healing, Knowledge or Protection.

Cleric Weapon of Choice for Scyrah: Longsword

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