Rhul The Land Of The Dwarves

Compared to the dynamic kingdoms of Men and the strange doings of the inscrutable elves, the dwarves are a bastion of order and reason. Their society has been without major upheaval for over a thousand years, and the history of Rhul traces back longer than any other established civilization in the region. Even their civil wars are more like duels, being organized and adjudicated by the dwarven Parliament, known among their own kind as the Moot. The traditional leaders of the Moot are the Stone Lords, aged and respected dwarven paladins who can trace their bloodline all the way back to the Thirteen Clans who first founded the dwarven nation. The other members of the Moot are representatives from the Hundred Houses, the most powerful landed clans. It is this group that is responsible for forging the laws of dwarven society, using an incredibly lengthy set of procedural rules called simply the "Codex."

Across all the known lands dwarvenkind are renowned for their fine craftsmanship, engineering, and prowess at building. Any child knows the quality of dwarven stonecraft, and the stout folk's love of gold, gems and other treasures of the earth is a truism. What many people do not know is that the dwarven skill in stonework is not restricted to the dark spaces of tunnels and dungeons. They also craft many magnificent castles, keeps, towers, temples, and bridges, a fact that shocks most first time visitors to the great city of Ghord.

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