Prehistoric Era (Old Races Era)
c._10,000_BR All of the elven tribes unite as the Empire of Lyoss (far to the east beyond the Bloodstone Marches).
c. 8500 BR Feud of Ages begins among the dwarves.
c. 8200 BR Feud of Ages ends Stone Lords of the Thirteen Great Clans settle in Ghord.
c. 7500 BR The Dwarven Moot composed of the Hundred Houses in Ghord is established; Dwarves are granted the lore of arcane magic by their gods with strict rules regarding its use.
c. 6500 BR The Canon of the True Law is discovered at the ruins of Icthier by tribes of nomadic humans. Menoth worship begins.
c. 6000 BR Many tribes of nomadic humans begin settling into agricultural communities around Ancient Icthier. Cinot is credited with teaching agriculture to early tribes.
c. 5500 BR Menite priests Belcor and Geth lead Exodus northward from Ancient Icthier in search of more fertile lands.
c. 4800 BR Humans begin settling around the Black River at the Valley of Morrdh.
c. 4250 BR The elves begin to build the mystical Bridge of Worlds in order to span the gap between Caen and the Veld.
c. 4000 BR The Bridge of Worlds is completed and the elven gods come to Caen, whereupon the bridge explodes and destroys Lyoss.
c. 3900 BR Shyrr is founded along with other great cities in Ios.
c. 3700 BR Molgur tribes dominate most all of western Immoren and vie for control.
c. 3500 BR Lords of Morrdh unite settlements, creating the first civilized kingdom of humans. Morrdh begins claiming Molgur territory. Toruk creates his dragon brood.
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