Orgoth Occupation Era
600 BR Orgoth blackships land in western Immoren and begin conquest of the Thousand Cities.
c._600_BR The Wyrmcycle Saga is penned.
593 BR Tordor surrenders to the Orgoth after its powerful navy is utterly destroyed.
586 BR Western Caspia falls completely under Orgoth control.
581 BR Orgoth invasion stalls at the southern provinces of the Khardic Empire.
569 BR Khardic Empire falls to the Orgoth; Old Korska is completely destroyed.
542 BR Orgoth armies conquer Rynyr.
538 BR Toruk destroys an Orgoth fleet bound for the Scharde Islands.
433 BR Orgoth Empire exercises absolute power over the kingdoms of men in western Immoren.
370 BR Orgoth are said to have slain an unnamed dragon at Uld Vroggen. The dragon’s athanc is placed in a temple; within the month the athanc hatches and the wyrmling burns the temple to the ground.
c. 150 BR Thamar negotiates the Gift of magic and imparts it to men.
140 BR The Rivening: almost all elven clerics lose their power.
137 BR First Immorese person with sorcerous abilities discovered at Tarna.
96 BR Sebastien Kerwin, the Father of Wizardry, circulates his study of the principles of arcane magic entitled Dissertations on Thaumaturgical Formulation.
90 BR Sebastien Kerwin pens The Essence of Divine Magic.
81 BR Sebastien Kerwin tutors wizards and institutes the Arcanist’s Academe.
73 BR Sebastien Kerwin pens Principia Arcana Magus.
69 BR Orgoth commit the Vicarate Slaughter; over 500 priests are slain.
67 BR Sebastien Kerwin founds the Circle of the Oath.
64 BR Sebastien Kerwin theorizes the arcanodynamic accumulator and rune plate in his book Synthesis, the first text on mechanika.
63 BR Orgoth destroys Arcanist’s Academe; Sebastien Kerwin thought slain but his body is never recovered.
34 BR Scyrah returns to Shyrr, but will not speak of the fate of the Divine Court.
25 BR The Order of the Golden Crucible is founded by survivors of the Circle of the Oath.
1 AR Beginning with an uprising in Fharin, the Rebellion is declared against the Orgoth by the Iron Fellowship.
7 AR Iron Fellowship is utterly destroyed by the Orgoth.
26 AR Oliver Gulvont, alchemist of the Golden Crucible, creates the first handheld firearm.
32 AR Orgoth are temporarily repulsed from much of Tordor after the Battle of the Hundred Wizards.
40 AR Orgoth recapture Tordor and put all known wizards to death.
c. 80 AR Alchemists of the Golden Crucible build the first rifles with the patent pinlock fire mechanism.
84 AR Rynyr liberated by rifl e-wielding revolutionaries dubbed the Army of Thunder.
85 AR Army of Thunder cuts off Orgoth supply routes in Midfast and Merin.
86 AR Orgoth armies reclaim Rynyr except for Leryn, slaughtering the Army of Thunder and its supporters.
93 AR Rip lung kills thousands in Rynyr, Tordor, and Caspia and is ended in part by Asc. Corben prior to his ascension.
107 AR Victor Baerd creates the fi rst arcane rune plate based on Kerwin’s theories.
111 AR Fraternal Order of Wizardry founded.
147 AR Umbrean horselords lead armies of nomads and liberate Korsk and Rorschik.
160 AR Iron Alliance forms.
177 AR Elias Decklan meets with the Council of Ten to suggest the creation of the Colossals.
181 AR Iron Alliance begins the construction of secret Colossal factories.
185 AR Khards secretly begin construction of Colossals.
188 AR Orgoth destroy Khardic Colossal factories.
191 AR The first Colossal emerges from a hidden factory in Caspia.
198 AR The Iron Alliance mounts a multipronged assault against the Orgoth. The Iron Alliance begins liberating large territories. Orgoth initiate the Scourge.
201 AR The last Orgoth depart from western Immoren.
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