Total IK Population: 600,000 (estimated)

Like gobbers and trollkin, ogrun have only recently begun to be understood and accepted by humanity, finding uneasy acceptance in some of the cities and towns across the region. This is because in old times encounters between these two races usually ended in bloody fighting, and humans learned to fear the giant ogrun with their enormous strength and skill at battle. This antagonism was escalated by several factors, in particular the fact that many ogrun live on the Scharde Islands, serving Lord Toruk as his most loyal soldiers. There is also an offshoot race known as the "Black Ogrun" living in the mountains of Cygnar and Khador which is noted for its cruelty, savagery, and propensity to enslave wayward humans.

It was actually the increased contact between dwarves and mankind which helped gain ogrun some acceptance. Nearly half of the ogrun of the Iron Kingdoms live in Rhul, having established peaceful communities alongside their dwarven neighbors. Indeed, the two races have a strong affinity for one another rooted in old favors and agreements. The ogrun of Rhul are a noble race of people, noted for their exceptional skill in metalworking as well as being both great soldiers and laborers. Furthermore, just like their evil kin of the Scharde Islands, the ogrun of Rhul demonstrate an innate loyalty and devotion to their sworn leaders which makes treachery virtually unknown among them.

Ogrun are an uncommon but not unknown sight in the cities of mankind, and a number of ogrun communities have sprung up in the mountains of Khador and Cygnar. Although they still face fear and prejudice due to their size and fearsome appearances, ogrun have begun to find work in the larger human cities.

Language Info: Ogrun may once have had their own language, but now speak a dialect of Molgur called "Molgur-Og." Ogrun born in Rhul are also fluent in Rhulic, although they may not be literate. Those of the Scharde Islands will speak the "Scharde Tongue" dialect of Cygnaran used by the humans there. Ogrun born elsewhere commonly learn the dominant human language, often Cygnaran.

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