Domains for Morrow Clerics
Since the Men of the Iron Kingdoms have comparatively fewer gods than other game settings, there is more leeway within the clerical domains.

The Domains of Morrow: Good, Healing, Knowledge, Protection, Strength, Travel, War

Morrow is the principal deity, but the Ascended men and women are worshipped alongside them as patrons. Clerics which choose an Ascendant take one Domain from their patron, and the other from their god.

Ascendants of Morrow

The following lists all the current Ascendants which serve as Morrow's most powerful divine servants and serve as patrons for those who worship the god. Having a patron Ascendant is common both for clerics as well as pious laymen.

Name Patron of… Domain
Asc. Angellia History, Lore and Knowledge Knowledge
Asc. Corben Alchemy, Astronomy, and Wizardry Magic
Asc. Doleth Sailors and Fishermen Water
Asc. Ellena Travelers and Adventurers Travel
Asc. Gordenn Farmers and Family Plant
Asc. Katrena Valor, Knighthood & Paladins Good
Asc. Markus Soldiers & Town Guards War
Asc. Rowan Downtrodden & Champion of the Poor Protection
Asc. Sambert Smiths, Stonemasons and Carpenters Strength
Asc. Shevann Merchants & Bankers Luck
Asc. Solovin Healers, Battle-Chaplains & Midwives Healing

Cleric Weapon of Choice for Morrow: Heavy Mace or Sword

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