Lorgskon Day (Five Fingers)

I'm not sure if "holiday" is the right term for this weird ritual. On Lorgskon Day, it is reputedly good luck to eat unpleasant bottom-feeding fish called Lorgskon from the bay of stone. Its proponents claim those who don't participate have bad luck the rest of the year that spills over to those around them, so there's pressure to join in. Chefs and innkeepers continually try new recipes to make the fish palatable: frying, boiling, baking, making pies, or any number of other techniques. I'm happy to say I've gone most of my life without eating this stinky fish.

A related tradition on this day is giving a gift to a rival or enemy to demostrate prosperity and bring luck. They say you can't refuse such a gift as long as it is given in the spirit of the day, so it can't be anything obviously spiteful.

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