Lord Toruk

Lord Toruk

The last of the so-called deities of the land is the most controversial, the great dragon king of Cryx, Lord Toruk. Most religions and citizens of the Iron Kingdoms do not consider Lord Toruk a god, and indeed would consider it blasphemy to refer to him as such. Nonetheless Lord Toruk has forced all of the citizens of his realm to acknowledge him as their ruling deity, and to bow down before his chosen priesthood. Further, there are rumors Lord Toruk has encouraged small cults to his worship on the mainland, serving as informants on the goings-on of the other kingdoms. Lord Toruk has ruthlessly suppressed all other religions on the Scharde Islands, which were formerly dominated by the worship of the Devourer Wurm. Worship of a god other than Lord Toruk is punishable by immediate torture and death. Nonetheless some few worshipers of the Devourer and also Thamar have survived within his territory.

Making it difficult to entirely discount these claims are reports that Lord Toruk's clerics do have granted domains, spells, and other clerical powers. His priesthood is nontraditional in several ways, most significant being they must periodically visit Lord Toruk personally and maybe even drink his blood. They are also very few in number and hand picked by the dragon himself.

Domains for Lord Toruk's Clerics

Creating PC clerics of Lord Toruk is discouraged, due to the close contact they are required to maintain with their master. More information on his priesthood and their activities will be released in later products. Clerics of Lord Toruk have access to the Domains of Death, Destruction, and Evil. Lord Toruk is chaotic evil, and his priesthood can be either chaotic or neutral evil.

Cleric Weapon of Choice for Lord Toruk: Serrated falchion (though Toruk's clerics on the mainland will carry a less obvious weapon!)

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