Total IK Population: 20,300,000

The Iron Kingdoms are the lands of humanity, first and foremost. They are by far the most numerous race in the region, and it is their struggles, wars, and history which have shaped this land. The humans of the Iron Kingdoms are a varied and hardy cross selection of cultures, all arising from ancient tribes of warlike peoples who have lived, loved, fought and died in the region since before recorded history. The bulk of their history is filled with endless strife and battle, and the relative calm of the last few centuries is unusual. However, even since the Corvis Treaties there have been many bloody conflicts, border disputes, repulsed barbarian invasions, and diplomacy by assassination. So far as many are concerned, the "peace" of the Corvis Treaties is an illusion, barely maintained as heads of state turn a blind eye to violations of agreements and hire mercenaries to cover their tracks.

Indeed it seems highly likely that humanity in the region will soon revert back to its usual habits of open warfare, as pressures mount from many quarters and threaten to permanently undermine the peace. When this happens, it may not be possible for the dwarves and elves to avoid taking a side. Rhul in particular has become far more friendly and integrated with humanity in the last several centuries, perhaps to their ultimate misfortune. Even Ios which has always stayed sheltered and hidden may find its fate linked to its boisterous and violent neighbors.

Humans in the IK have all the benefits as described in the PHB, including the ability to multiclass more freely than the other races. However, not all humans are the same. There are a dozen distinct cultures of humanity arisen from the old days of the Thousand Cities, each with distinct aptitudes, customs, and appearances. These will be detailed in the upcoming IK Character Primer and Guide to the Iron Kingdoms.

Men of the Northern Kingdoms; Men of the Central Kingdoms; Men of the Southern Kingdoms

Language Info: Humans speak a wide variety of languages across the kingdoms, and there are a number of "dead" archaic tongues in use by scholars. Each kingdom has its own tongue, although Cygnaran has become the dominant language among humanity and serves as a common trade language throughout the realm.

The list below indicates the primary language of each human kingdom:

Cygnar – Cygnaran, which evolved from the now archaic Caspian root language

Khador – Khadoran, which evolved from the now archaic Khard root language. Literacy is not necessarily common in Khador.

Llael – Llaelese, which has not changed significantly in many centuries

Ord – Ordic, which shares some roots with Caspian & Molgur. Ordic is slowly dying out and Cygnaran is very commonly spoken in Ord.

Protectorate of Menoth – Cygnaran ("Sulese" dialect), evolved from Caspian. Many religious leaders also know Khadoran and Khard as many ancient documents of Menoth were written in Khard.

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