Governors Rest (Five Fingers)

Legend insists Governor's Rest dates to the first Lord Governor appointed by King Merin III, a meticulous and humorless Tordoran named Anton Pogorio. A month after Captain's Rest, a posse broke into the Lord Governor's office and forced him and every other bureaucrat away from their desks and into the streets for a parade. Pogorio screamed the entire way in protest while paraded through the streets and across the bridges perched atop a platform. For the modern version of the holiday, members of city hall put up their quills and join a parade through town. The officers of the watch and Lord Governor's own staff stage a mock "capture" of the Lord Governor - typically with less screeching. Since so many of the watch and other city officers are involved in this celebration, it's occasionally used as an excuse to pull off elaborate crimes or smuggling hauls.

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