Firelight Jubilee (Five Fingers)

Firelight Jubilee is a three-day festival sponsored by the local branch of the Order of the Golden Crucible, and I'll admit it's a clever way for them to make a heap of coin. Each evening people set off fireworks over the river, sometimes making floats or boats for launching them not dissimilar from those on Black Sail Day except painted up more brightly. The Crucible sells a lot of specially made fireworks, which aren't cheap, and it's worth noting this is another time when the watch and several mercenary groups are brought out to look for fires. Given the danger fire poses in this town I don't know why we insist on festivals like this, but people sure enjoy blowing things up. There are boat races, gambling stalls brought out on the streets, and plenty of drinking and carousing as you'd expect. There are also a lot of musicians out and about, with quality varying considerably from one to the next depending on talent and how much they've been drinking.

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