Evening At The Blade

GM: Last time the group was settling into their new roles of defenders of the ship Redemption, but first they still had 2 days of shore leave before departing with their new found ship and mates. They returned to the Rivergrav district on Chaser Island and found a pretty rowdy tavern known as the Twisted Blade run by a retired sailor named Gazo Masi and his somewhat challenged son. There Ana learned something of her mysterious father's past and found herself in a strange predicament as Gazo is obviously smitten with her. He offered them rooms and they've decided to go up and ponder things before bedding down for the night.

Anastasi finds the door to her room.

Jack trudges up the stairs to his own room.

Meyna goes up the stairs to her room.

Anastasi unlocks the door and pauses for a moment before opening it then turns to her companions "well goodnight guys. See you all in the morning for breakfast."

GM: The three rooms have modest beds, all clean and well cared for, small tables with a pitcher of clean water and a bowl and towel.

Jack goes through his normal routine of cleaning and prepping his weapons before going to sleep, keeping his gun close to his bed.

Anastasi will enter her room and prepare for sleep. She removes her holdout pistol from her boot holster and places the pistol under her pillow. She then insures her window is secure and the door locked before laying down to sleep.

Meyna cleans her pistol, setting it next to her bed, then settles down on the bed, enjoying it after so many weeks at sea.

GM: The beds are pretty comfortable as you all lay down and rest. No one disturbs your sleep and you sleep through the night.

Anastasi dreams of her father as she sleeps.

Jack paces his room for a while, lost in thought, before finally settling into an uneasy sleep.

GM: Ana dreams and sees her father aboard a ship with black sails that tosses in a very rough seas.

Meyna falls asleep shortly after getting into bed.

GM: The sleep is pretty uneventful other than Ana's dreams.

Anastasi tosses and turns as the ship does in her dream, but eventually settles down to some restful deep sleep when the dream subsides.

GM: The dream lasts what seems like forever as the ship tosses about in the storm at sea… she sees her father hanging on for his dear life, drenched from head to toes. The ship then is torn apart.. and she awakens covered in sweat.

Anastasi sits straight up in her bed when the ship is torn apart. she then gets up and goes to the water bowl and towel to wipe the sweat from her face.

GM: Ana feels a slight chill as she gets up, releazing she was sweating pretty heavily as she tossed and turned.. the water is cool and refreshing and Ana feels better after washing her face. It's still pretty late.. not even like 2 am or so.

Anastasi will go to her window and open it to let some fresh air in as she tries to relax so she can get back to sleep.

GM: The window opens and the sea air blows in upon a swift wind gust, helping cool her down. As she looks out under the star and moonlight she sees what looks like a ship with black sails leaving the harbor.

Anastasi: "Father! don't go!" she cries out to the ship she sees.

GM: There is a soft knock at Ana's door.

Jack snaps back awake from his uneasy slumber, startled by the sound of Ana's shouting. He stumbles from bed and quickly throws his clothes on to go and check on her.

Anastasi ignores the soft knocking at her door and stays at the window watching the black sailed ship leave the harbor.

Meyna sleeps right through the shouting.

GM: Jack puts on his clothes in haste, hoping he didn't put them on backwards as he opens the door to his room and sees Gazo knocking softly on Ana's door, holding a lantern.

Gazo Masi turns and looks at Jack, "I heard her cry out."

GM: The ship sails off out of the harbor catching the wind that is blowing into its sails.

Jack nods, pistol clutched in one hand. "She not answering?"

Gazo Masi says, "No, its all quiet now." He pulls out a master key and offers it to Jack.

Jack takes the key and looks at Ana's door. Deliberating for a moment, he slides the key in the lock, knocking again and announcing himself before edging the door open. "Miss Ana, are you alright?"

Gazo Masi stands ready, pulling a pistol from his robe.

Anastasi leaves the window as the ship sails out of sight just now remembering the knocking at her door. She throws on her greatcoat over her naked body before going to her door.

GM: Jack opens the door about the time Ana turns around and grabs her greatcoat.

Gazo Masi blinks and turns away and says, "Oh I'm sorry miss Ana."

Jack snorts with embarrassment at the sight, turning his back on her.

Anastasi jumps a bit as she is startled by her door opening, she puts her greatcoat on and covers herself. "It's all right now, you can come in.”

Gazo Masi comes in, tucking the pistol back under his night robe. He smiles at Ana and says, "Are you alright?"

Jack: "Alright, Miss Ana." Jack eases the door back open, shading his eyes until he notices that she's covered again. "Is everything okay?"

Anastasi: "I don't know……I guess so…..I mean Yes."

Gazo Masi looks at her, then at the bed, then at the open window, shining his lantern, he dims it down a bit.

Anastasi: "It seemed so real….I think it was a dream….but the ship I saw out the window…"

Gazo Masi: "I see, did you have a nightmare lass?"

Jack: 'What happened?"

Anastasi: "I dreamed I saw my father on a black sailed ship in a storm…"

Gazo Masi nods, "Ah, a pirate ship, there are many that ply their trade in these parts."

Jack: "And one with black sails? That's somewhat unusual."

Anastasi: "He was drenched with the ocean….then the ship was destroyed…."

Gazo Masi nods, "I see, that is something I've lived through myself, losing one's ship is never good for one's soul."

Jack's face twists into a grimace. "Terrible."

Gazo Masi: "A ship of the dead."

Anastasi: "I woke up and went to the window to let in some fresh air and I saw that ship in my dream leaving the harbor. At least it looked like that ship…I think."

Gazo Masi: "Hmmm, that could be one of the many hauntings this island has."

Jack: "Have there been any reports of ships like that around here, Gazo? At least…more…mortal versions?"

Gazo Masi: "Some report seeing a ship with black sails on a moonlit night such as tonight. Although, many see it after drinking pretty heavily too." He grins.

Anastasi looks around "where's Meyna?"

Gazo Masi: "Hmmm, let's see."

Jack: "I think she's still asleep, if she did not show here."

Gazo Masi goes out of the room and says, "Her room is still locked. Can I have my key?" Gazo gently knocks on Meyna's door.

Jack tosses the master key back to Gazo.

Gazo Masi catches it as if he never lost an eye and waits a moment before opening the door.

Meyna doesn't hear Gazo knock.

Gazo Masi: "Meyna you awake lass?" He says as he unlocks the door and peeks in, "I suspect she's asleep."

Jack: "There is not much else we can do ourselves but the same."

Anastasi: "true Jack…perhaps we should get back to sleep and see what the day will bring us."

GM: Meyna is lost in deep sleep as Gazo unlocks her door and looks in.

Jack: "Yes. We should try to get some rest. If you need any assistance, Miss Ana, I am right next door."

Gazo Masi looks at her and nods his head, shutting the door as he ducks his head out and relocks her door.

Anastasi nods her head "yes thank you Jack."

Gazo Masi smiles at Ana, "So beautiful. Rest well Ana." He heads down the hall to another door.

Jack tucks his gun back into his waistband, nods a second goodnight to Ana, and returns to his room, and his bed.

Anastasi: "Yes I will thank you Gazo for your concern." she closes the door to her room and tries to get back to sleep.

GM: Ana lays down and drifts back to sleep…

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