Dhunia Great Mother Of Caen

Dhunia, Great Mother of Caen

Considered a primitive religion by the "civilized" races of the Iron Kingdoms, Dhunia's worship is widespread among the more peaceful gobbers, trollkin and ogrun. According to these races, the world and all life are aspects of Dhunia, the great mother of the world. Their creation myth depicts Dhunia as their divine mother, and the Devourer as their divine father, and insist that Menoth did not make the world even if he was the creator of humanity. Further, worshipers of Dhunia do not expect to experience an afterlife when they die, but instead believe in reincarnation where their souls are recycled by Dhunia to be born again. Dhunia's faith is relatively passive and has no large agenda or plans, nor is there any form of central organization or structure. Each race has its own representation of the goddess, but the most common is a very abstract sculpture or figurine of a pregnant woman.

This religion has been tolerated by the Church of Morrow since it appears to have no designs on human worshipers, although those who believe in her are treated with condescension. The followers of Menoth are not so tolerant, and consider Dhunia simply another face of the Devourer Wurm.

Domains for the Dhunia's Clerics

Dhunia is a neutral deity and its clerics can be of any neutral alignment (neutral, neutral good, neutral evil, chaotic neutral, or lawful neutral). The domains available to its clerics are Plant, Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Her priesthood is devoted to the protection and survival of their local communities, even if evil. (The means of ensuring survival are often ruthless as interpreted by evil clerics, and includes torture of those within the community who are seen as a threat.)

Cleric Weapon of Choice for Dhunia: Quarterstaff

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