Day of Markus

Trineus the 3rd is the Day of Markus. It has become a popular holiday throughout the central and southern Iron Kingdoms, except the Protectorate. Local traditions vary, but usually citizens take this occasion to pay thanks to local soldiers, town guard, and militia. In many places, for example, it is customary for locals to buy food or drink for soldiers or guardsmen, and they are in turn obliges to accept them. Hence, many persons on duty end up inebriated on this day, and disciplinary action is typically overlooked. This has spawned another tradition whereby many regular citizens disguise themselves in imitation uniforms. In Llael, duels are even more commonplace on this day and, of course, this is considered an important holiday throughout Ord and is treated with particular solemnity in Midfast, where much of the citizenry takes the time to visit the ascendant's tomb.

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