Ch2 - Rivergrav North
Population: 2,000 (1,490 Thurians, 300 Tordorans, 65 Gobbers, 50 Scharde, 45 Ogrun, 50 Others
Type: River-docks/industrial
Trades: Wood processing, mills, shipping, hauling, shipwrights, locksmiths, salvage, taverns, inns
Famous Locales: Baldwin Sails, Bilge n' Barnacles, Callupus Fine Locks and Tools, Daggit's Lumbermill, Lubber's Haven, the River Eel Tavern, Skallet's Aquatic Salvage, Tambleshorn Watercraft
Wealth: Moderate
Disease: Low
Crime: Moderate
Vigilance: Low
High Captain Influence: Hurley 3, Riordan 1, lightly contested
People of Note:
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