Captains Rest (Five Fingers)

Summerfaires are popular throughout Ord, but Five Fingers doesn't bother with them. Faires require outdoor areas or larger open-air markets, after all, and both are impossible within the confines of the city. Instead, at the height of summer we celebrate Captain's Rest, one of the oldest traditions in Five Fingers dating back to the first smuggling town to exist on these rocks.

In the past, pirate captains used that day to bolster morale by providing feasting and entertainments. Other traditions were attached, including mocking roasts sending up the captain and (in some cases) burning his figure in effigy. Ships were also turned over to the first officers on this day so captains could have a reprieve.

The holiday has extended to successful merchant captains and privateers paying for festivities around town, even if just sponsoring a single tavern offering free food and drinks. Streets are crowded with revelers, and channels are thrown into chaos as ships race one another under the command of first mates with half the crew drunk. There are plenty of injuries in these matches, not to mention among those who bet on the outcome. The High Captains sponsor entertainments in their central neighborhood using a bit of their wealth to buy goodwill among the locals. It is considered bad fortune to kill on this day despite its rowdy nature, and the gangs hold a traditional truce for the events duration.

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