Breakfast At The Blade

GM: Dawn comes and everyone awakens, Ana hears the seagulls.

Jack wakes up groggily. He enters his morning rituals, performs some quick ablutions, then dresses up and heads downstairs.

Meyna awakens, having slept well. She sits up, stretches, then gets up and looks out the window.

Anastasi cleans herself up a bit then gets dressed thinking about her dream and the events that transpired from the night.

GM: The port is bustling with activity and it looks like some ships have arrived and others left since yesterday. There are seagulls fluttering around by the docks.

Meyna looks to see if she can see their ship.

Anastasi then heads downstairs after retrieving her pistol from under her pillow concealing it once more in her boot holster.

GM: There appear to be a couple of ships that look similiar, so its hard to tell from where you're at. Seems Ana's room has the better view.

Meyna can't quite see their ship.

GM: Ana can smell the food cooking downstairs as she goes down into the store room. She sees Gazo's son moving stuff around.

Meyna dresses, gathers her pistol and gear, and heads downstairs to look for the others.

Anastasi finds a table near the kitchen and sits, giving a quick morning wave to Gazo's son.

GM: Meyna joins her followed by Jack as Gazo smiles at Ana as she comes out into the main room. There are three plates with some eggs and what looks like some kind of sausage upon them with some sort of bread and cups of something that smells like honey.

Meyna sees Ana and sits down with her. "How did you two sleep?"

Anastasi: "good…except for the dream that woke me in the middle of the night. And you Meyna?"

Meyna: "Bad dream?"

Anastasi nods.

Jack has already sat down, and began to eat. "I slept alright."

Meyna: "I slept well. It's nice to have a bed for a night after all that time at sea."

Gazo Masi smiles as he pours some mugs of water and sets them by each of you. "Enjoy."

Anastasi: "thank you Gazo."

Jack: "Uneasy at times, but what can you say."

Anastasi: "Well I don't know about you guys but I'm ready to get back on the ocean. Sorry about last night Jack, I didn't mean to wake you."

Meyna: "That bad of a dream?"

Jack holds up a hand to quiet the girl, even forcing a small smile. "Twas nothing. Got worried."

Anastasi: "aye." She begins to eat. "You know anything about black sailed ships Meyna?"

Meyna ponders. "You dreamt of a black-sailed ship?" Meyna frowns.

Anastasi: "Yes, my father was on it too. It was in a storm and it broke apart and sank."

Meyna: "That's not good. Black sails usually mean death - a warning for other ships to stay away."

Jack: "That does not bode well for any of us."

Anastasi gets a worried look on her face.

Meyna: "No, especially at the start of a new voyage."

Jack nods.

Anastasi takes another bite of her food "that's just superstition" she says trying to dismiss the omen.

Jack: "There are enough superstitions to fill the ocean, to be honest.”

Anastasi: "Aye."

Meyna: "Maybe something else that's good will happen before we leave."

Jack: "Hopefully."

Meyna eats her breakfast as they continue to talk.

Anastasi: "Well all I know is that I will continue to search for my father or at least find out what happened to him and if I can find this treasure he stashed away."

Jack: "Treasure?"

Meyna: "Treasure?"

Anastasi: "Yeah… from the letter he left me, that Gazo was safe keeping."

Jack: "Interesting."

Anastasi reaches into her pocket and puts the letter on the table.

GM: Father's Letter ((hand written)): To my darling Ana, If you are given this letter, then you have my ring and the chain which it is set upon I am likely not alive anymore, but I could still be. This is a letter of mark giving you my portion of the treasure that I helped smuggle and hide more than a year ago after your mother passed away. I left this in hopes you and your brother might use it to survive as needed or risk trying to find me if you're so inclined. Realize, I worked with dangerous men and don't expect to live to spend this hard earned gold. I know you will do what is right and things will work out in the end. With all my love, D.B.

Anastasi: "If you all help me I will share in the wealth."

Meyna: "Sounds like fun."

Anastasi: "I don't know how much treasure he stashed away but knowing my father it could be a lot."

Jack: "Any amount of treasure is a good amount.”

Anastasi: "especially if he's been doing it for a year. That's why I don't want Andrea or the crew to know just yet. I like Andrea, don't get me wrong. But I don't want her to claim the majority for herself."

Meyna: "Any idea where it is?"

Anastasi: "No idea. Last night was the first real clue that I have received regarding my fathers disappearance."

Jack: "Good idea. As a captain, she will assuredly lay claim to a large portion of it, for her and the rest of the crew"

Anastasi: "Aye, and my brother will get a share as well."

Jack: "Of course.”

Meyna nods. "Anyone want to do anything else before we head back to the ship?"

Jack shakes his head. "I have everything I'll need."

Anastasi: "Nope, except I need to speak with Gazo before we leave. Need to let him know where I'm at if my brother comes back to port looking for me."

Jack nods.

Meyna finishes her breakfast.

Anastasi finishes off her breakfast.

GM: Breakfast tastes pretty good and you all enjoy it. Gazo comes by and cleans the plates and stuff up.

Jack packs up quickly after they finish eating.

Anastasi: "That was excellent Gazo."

Gazo Masi smiles, "Thank you."

Anastasi: "And your hospitality has been suburb in the least."

Gazo Masi bows, "Thank you m'lady."

Jack: "Yes, Gazo. That was a fitting last meal before we set sail."

Anastasi: "I have but one more request of you before we depart how ever…."

Gazo Masi nods, "Anything dear Ana."

Anastasi: "If my brother Grigori comes here looking for me could you tell him that I took on work for Captain Andrea Evora of the Redemption for me?"

Gazo Masi: "Sure, I can do that."

Anastasi smiles and nods a thank you to Gazo.

Gazo Masi offers a hug and kiss to Ana and smiles back.

Jack stands, slinging his pack over his shoulder, stretching.

Anastasi stands and accepts the hug and kiss.

Meyna picks up her pack and stands.

Gazo Masi gives her a soft kiss to her cheek and a hug and gives her something with his right hand as he clasps hers before parting.

Anastasi takes the item keeping it secret for the time being as she slips it in her pocket.

Gazo Masi: "My best to you all and please come again."

Anastasi: "I'm sure we will.” Ana gathers her things including the letter from the table.

Jack leads toward the door, waiting for the two girls to follow.

Anastasi will follow Jack out the door.

GM: Gazo goes about preparing for the influx of patrons and the debauchery his day will entail with drinks and the like.

Meyna: "Thanks for the rooms, Gazo."

Anastasi waves a goodby to Gazo as they walk out the door.

Jack quietly leads the walk back to the ship.

Gazo Masi smiles and waves as the three of you depart.

GM: It's a bright sunny day outside. The breeze off the docks is cool and refreshing. Many ships are moored here, some loading, others unloading cargo.

Anastasi during the walk back Ana will retrieve the item Gazo slipped her to see what it might be.

GM: The item is a small key with a piece of eight set in the ring.

Anastasi thinks that this key needs safe-keeping.

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