Black Sail Day (Five Fingers)

Black Sail Day is an entertaining if frivolous holiday taking the place of Tenfest. People in Five Fingers don't care much about the Corvis Treaties, but they celebrate the day the Orgoth were driven from Immoren. For a few days before Black Sail Day, children are encouraged to make small wooden boats and paint them black. Carpenters, smiths, and craftsmen will participate as well by making elaborate perfectly scaled boats designed to represent Orgoth longships. The boats are soaked in oil and sent into the channels at twilight.

The watching crowd will line up along the waterways to drink, sing, and unleash a hail of gunfire, rocks, lighted arrows, torches, or other abuse on the boats. With so much crowding, the risk of fire in Five Fingers is always serious. Regardless of the festive mood, there are always people standing by in case any lit ship drifts too close. The watch also takes precautions to be sure things don't get out of hand. There are invariably people accidentally shot, burned, or otherwise injured as a result of this festivity, but it remains one of the most popular annual holidays.

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