Anastasi Belcari

Anastasi Belcari


Anastasi is an extremely attractive looking young woman. She stands at five and a half feet and looks to weight around 145 lbs. She has long black wavy hair, dark brown eyes and olive skin. She also wears a pair of expensive looking earings that add to her beauty. She usually wears leather armor and a greatcoat for protection. She carries a fancy looking cutlass on her left hip and two extremely nice military pistols in holsters located at her waist near her stomach. She also carries a full ammunition bandolier across her chest as well as a belt pouch on her right hip and an ammo pouch on her left hip. When traveling long distances she does carry a backpack that appears to have a few items in it.

Anastasi (Ana), was born the second child to Dego and Loriana Belcari in the port city of Five Fingers, in the Rivergrav district of Captain's Isle on Donard 4th, Tempen 587 A.R. Her mother Loriana worked as a barmaid at the "Red Bucket Tavern" and her father Dego was a skilled ship captain and smuggler. In 597 A.R. Loriana died of natural causes and left Dego as a single parent. Because of this Ana and her older (about two years) brother Grigori, spent much of their youth and young adult lives going on business trips with their father. Some of the trips went up the Dragon's Tongue River and some took them out into the Sea of a Thousand Souls to Ceryl, Berck and even as far as Port Vladovar. This is where Ana and Grigori learned how to sail. With lots of free time available sailing between ports, Dego taught his children how to use a sword and shoot a gun. They also learned the finer art of dealing with the less scrupulous folk that they often did business with. Ana and Grigori were well on their way of following in their fathers footsteps.

About a year ago (604 A.R.), Dego was propositioned to undertake a dangerous but highly profitable smuggling job. So dangerous it was that he insisted that Ana and Grigori would not go with him. That was the last time the children saw their father. They were never told any of the details about the job, save that he would be back in about three months time. Now almost a year later he has not returned. Grigori is now taking on jobs as a crewmember and sailing around from port city to port city trying to find clues as to his fathers whereabouts, while Ana is staying close to home trying to find clues as well. The only heirlooms that they have to remember their father by are his mechanika cutlass and two custom made military pistols. Grigori being superior in sword use took the cutlass and Ana took the pistols.

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